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Friday, 23 March 2018 20:38

Letter to Tinh Khoi

My dearest Tinh Khoi,

Since the day you left us to join Streets International so far away, we at OBV have been anticipating any update or feedback from Street International.

You email from last month shared that you were assigned as group leader to present on hygiene and food safety, a fundamental knowledge without the F&B industry. You had boldly made your presentation and answered all the questions of the other groups.

I met up with Mr. Neal recently, the founder of Streets International. He praised your English pronunciation, and while I was very happy and proud, I couldn't help but wonder if his praise was genuine or out of politeness. Immediately, I remembered our phone conversations lately, where you would use simple English sentences throughout our time together on the phone, and felt that his praise was for real.

Even so far away, you remembered your family and sisters at OBV. You would ask about Father Martino Nguyen Ba Thong, Mother Ngoc, and the other OBV staff. You were concerned to hear of Mother Ngoc's recent bout of illness, and sent your best wishes to Father Martino for his birthday, and you were happy to hear updates about one of your older sister's marriage and pregnancy.

I've always been harder on you than any of the other sisters, as I was the one who brought you home and I didn't want anyone to think that I loved you above anyone else. My hardness never made you sad, but in fact motivated you to do more.

I want you to know that we at OBV will always love you and are happy of your progress. We all expect that you will try your hardest and achieve the best results you can, to ensure that you have a chance at a bright and solid future.

Saigon February 2018.


Translated by Mr. Phung and Jacqueline Huynh.  The original version in Vietnamese entitled "Thư Gửi Tinh Khôi"


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