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Sunday, 28 January 2018 21:32

"Story of The Stars"

On the greeting and gratitude evening at OBV, there was a special guest.

A military veteran of Southeast Asian nations who for many years has continued to struggle with the obsessions that come from his military experiences.

He is also a friend of Ms. Huong, an OBV supporter, and he bought Huong's paintings to raise money for OBV.

On that evening, he asked to go on stage to "pass on the fire" to the OBV children through a short story - the story of the Stars.

"Today, I want to tell you a short story about Stars.

You know what Stars are, right?

They shine brightly high in the sky.

You know, in each of us there is a Star. You too!

Being a Star is not difficult, just practice hard at the following:

1. Treat everyone kindly. When we respect and treat people well, people will love us.

2. Study hard. The more we know, the more grow and more mature we are as people.

3. Respect yourself. There is only ONE you in the world! You are very special!

4. Care for other people. There is always someone who is in more difficulty than you. If you have the ability to help a person, help them.

5. Finally, DREAM! Make dreams of the great things you want to accomplish in your life!

These simple things will help you become small stars, shining brightly on the earth! "

Earlier, the former sailor had cried a lot when writing the story for the OBV children.

Thank you Shane, you are a Star!

Translated by Shane Wall

Jan 23, 2018


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