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Sunday, 25 February 2018 21:42

Starting a New Life


Diary of a Home Visit April 12, 2017

It was 3pm. After crossing 2 small bridges and following a dirt road that led deep into the rice paddies, we met the grandparents and their granddaughter. A 10 year, pregnant at 5 week. A 38 year old man had been incarcerated. The little girl and her grandmother came home to Saigon with us to stay at OBV, with big hopes and dreams for a bright future.




Diary entry: picking up our new child August 2nd 2017

"My luggage was all packed and ready to go two days ago. I'm just waiting for some paperwork, and I'll be ready". Her voice echoed down the phone line. She was waiting for the big move to OBV, after visiting the Children Support Center. She had been gentle and kind, but her temperament changed drastically, and she was now irritable and was scared of everybody, including her relatives. The tragic result of the evils that had happened to her. Her smiles and conversations were now strictly reserved for Mother N. Sometimes she would grab Mother N's hand, or hide behind her back if there were other people around. 

But this road will open up new paths for you. A new chapter. A completely new book for your to write your future. And OBV will be there to guide you on your way. From this point forward, everything will be okay. OBV trusts in you, and believe in you.


Translated by Jacqueline Huynh and Mr. Phung.  The original version in Vietnamese entitled "Và Chúng Ta Lại Bắt Đầu"


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