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Sunday, 03 December 2017 00:33

Personal matter

an old article...

- Do I have to report to mother if I am ill, Q?

- Yeah, you should.

- I have .....a personal matter.

- What is it?

- I am ... bleeding...

Little H had just reached puberty. She had been a wild child when she entered OBV two year ago. None of her family had any I.D or supporting paperwork, and so she had gone to school run by a charity organization. She excelled in all her subjects, and everybody at OBV loved her, as she was a gentle and adorable girl. However, she had tomboy traits, from her short hair to her dress code. Yet now, she was faced with a personal matter than all girls eventually will face. After all, she had just turned 13.

- It's nature. There's nothing to be ashamed of....Talk to Q, she will help you.

And from that day, 'personal matter' is the code word used for all matters pertaining to the life of a young girl entering the next stage of her life.

OBV Vietnam

April 8, 2013

Translated by Tho Nguyen, Jacqueline Huynh and Mr. Phung.  The original version entitled "Chuyện Riêng Tư"


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