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Wednesday, 13 September 2017 22:46

A maternal grandmother's suffering

Mrs. Tu was already the maternal grandmother to little D, a fifth grader who had been sexually molested by her biological father and grandfather. These kind of horrifying stories are sadly not uncommon, and are usually blasted across newspapers for all to read about.

"A father and grandfather sexually molested an 11-year old girl, and forced her to drink aphrodisiac drugs over multiple occasions"  - (click to read the article in Vietnamese in 'afamily')

After many visits from social groups, NGO's and social protection agencies all offering to help the child, Mrs. Tu put hers and her daughter's faith into OBV VN. For the first two week she would call me at 6am, crying because she missed her granddaughter. She cried every time she talked to me. My heart broke for her, a lonely old lady working hard in the brick kiln, missing her beloved granddaughter D, whose innocence had always been a motivating point for Mrs T. That is until her son in law and his father committed the unthinkable and were incarcerated.

I felt she had made the right choice by putting her trust in OBV, and her sacrifice would be the turning point to building a future for her granddaughter.

OBV's first visit to little D at the brick kiln

The pair hug each other when it's decided D will come to live with OBV

At the end of this month, her case will go to trial. The court will request the victim, little D, to be present at the hearing. Once again she will be asked to relive and retell her heart breaking story. Once again, her dark memories will be brought out to the surface for strangers to hear.  She already had to deal with the recurring nightmare of her father and grandfather pulling her into a room and sexually abusing her again and there a way to protect a little girl from her nightmares?

The court wanted to set up two different trials, one for each of the men. That meant little D was forced to turn up to court many times and tell her story over and over. Reporters would interview her, yelling questions at her, trying to dig for more information to print. TV stations would follow her hoping for an interview. This is in no way the life of a girl barely entering adolescence. A girl her age should have good meals, play games, have the unconditional love and support of her parents. 

How could I explain to an illiterate old lady that the investigation was over, and there was nothing left to do? Her cries continued to haunt the OBV hotline.

I respected the way her love for her granddaughter is what lead her to be put into OBV's care. For this sacrifice would ensure little D had a chance of rebuilding her future, any way she wants to.

The sky is still clear by the old brick kiln

OBV Vietnam


August 28, 2017

Translated by Jacqueline Huynh and Mr. Phung.  The original version in Vietnamese entitled "Cháu Bà Nội, Tội Bà Ngoại"

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