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Saturday, 23 September 2017 22:36

Resilient Girls

A pink lotus, just for you.

My lovely Pink Lotus...the preliminary hearing has ended. Your father sentenced to life behind bars, a punishment he deserves for his evil crimes. Your grandfather's hearing continues in two weeks and I believe he will face the same outcome.

Pink Lotus was visited by her mother and grandmother after the hearing. Bother of them led her to school this morning, where she proudly wore her new uniform

With all the pressure that you and your grandmother have been put through during this whole ordeal, I invited the both of you, along with your mother to visit our OBV family. A room has been prepared for the three of you to stay. Starting tonight, I hope you will have only peaceful sleeps, no longer haunted by nightmares of your father and grandfather...everyone will support you and help you work though this. Everything will be alright in the end, right?

For you, Sandals with the cat eyes.

The first time I met you, you had on a pair of sandals, decorated by a pair of cat eyes. You were 11 years old at the time. your innocence unfairly and viciously taken away from your 89 year old neighbour. Your father suffered liver cirrhosis, your older brother cursed with epilepsy, your poor mother being the soul income earner for the family. Mr Dang and Miss Ha had come to your house several times to introduce OBV -- and the life that you could now have -- and your mother finally agreed to let you come and visit and see for yourself.

You were so polite from the start, and despite the evils that you've had to face in your life, your energy and self confidence was contagious. I expect to see you with OBV through until you are ready to take the step back into the world as a strong, young woman.

For you, single eyelid

Beautiful little girl, it's your first visit to the OBV family. Miss Ha had already asked you to have all your paper work in order, and you did a good job preparing it all. You were immediately self-confident and comfortable with the other girls. I couldn't help but smile when you looked at Cat Eyes and said "Hey. Your English is good isn't it? Later when we live here, can you teach me?"

Single eyelid became the newest addition to the OBV family I was afraid by meeting all your new sisters that it would only bring up bad memories of your own horrible childhood. It's reassuring to see that you are slowly facing and overcoming the sadness you once portrayed, and it's amazing to see the absolute transformation that you have undergone in just 2 months time. Are you proud of yourself?

I'm exhausted. But I'm happy. Thank you. Muchas gracias.



August 30th 2017

Translated by Jacqueline Huynh and Mr. Phung.  The orginal version in Vietnamese entitled "Viết Cho Con - Những Cô Bé Kiên Cường"

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