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Sunday, 23 July 2017 21:21

Learning a New Skill

From afar, two ladies wholeheartedly donated their time and energy to teach our kids to make 3D jelly molds.

It was an activity scheduled for the entire weekend, with the first day starting bright and early at 8am, and wrapping up at 5pm. It was a little overcrowded, as a few of the girls were our OBV girls from Cambodia, many of them visiting the Motherland of Vietnam for the first time. Both the instructors and trainees took on this task enthusiastically. With the orders pouring in, there was no time for a break. They took a quick lunch and launched right back into it. Our board member, Phuong, worked to ensure orders were placed and even more importantly, that they were made.

The girls (and instructors) were exhausted, but the day wasn't done. They then had to be delivered to the customers!

The second day started off a little slower, but the girls continued to work hard to ensure all orders were made. Again lunch and dinner were quick, with the girls working until 8pm. At that point, orders continue to pour in....the looked at each other, resigned to the fact that would be working overtime, possibly into the night.

The instructors were beautiful people, inside and out. Not only did they pour in their hearts and soul into this session, they also created beautiful works of edible art.

Finally, when the moon was already out, it was time to say farewell to them. One would be returning to the highlands of Dalat, the other overseas.

The girls of OBV Cambodia and Vietnam are thankful for the skills they have learnt, and promise to continue working to improve their skills.

We would like to thank the instructors for the time and patience, to singer Dieu Huyen Nguyen Vu for her support, and of course, to all the customers to reached out to try our products! We were completely sold out....but, be ready for next time!

OBV Vietnam

July 16, 2017

Translated by Jacqueline Huynh and Mr. Phung.  The original version in Vietnamese entitled "Hết Mình, Hết Tình và Hết Hàng"

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