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Wednesday, 19 July 2017 00:46

The Steps Taken

It was a day of horrific storms, that we made our way to the ends of the world to their house. Two sisters, both victims of sexual abuse. Immediately, we worked to get their paperwork in order, so that we could bring them home. That was nearly 6 years ago.

On their first day, they stepped in with scared, suspicious eyes. They coward in the corners of our home, not smiling, not making eye contact. At meal time, they asked for only only salt and cold water on their rice. It was all they knew, after all. After some counselling and nurturing, they were ready to be enrolled into school. The elder child entered grade 5, while the younger sister stepped into grade 1. At the time, their efforts were dismal, with low grades and not much hope of progress. Over the years, OBV have enlisted the help of many tutors to sit with them and go through each exercise, each math equation one by one, so they would slowly understand and catch up to their age group. And now, they are ready to step into the next chapters of their lives. The elder sister is now starting high school, with the younger sister proudly leading her class into middle school.

Even though their path into education has not been a smooth ride, they continue to push forward, knowing that only they can gain themselves and education, and that with an education comes possibilities of a brighter future.

May 2015

OBV Vietnam

Translated by Jacqueline Huynh.  The original version in Vietnamese entitled "Từng Bước Hoàn Thành"

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