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Saturday, 09 September 2017 01:40

Children at OBV House Cambodia Welcomed Dad Thong at The Airport

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In addition to all the face time through Skype, and phone to speak and motivate the children at the OBV house, Dad often crossed thousands of kilometers away from the United States to Vietnam and Cambodia to meet the children directly. It was announced day that Dad would visit his children.

Marked in the calendar to pick up Dad at 10:30 as the plane will land at the Phnom Penh-Cambodia.

Early morning, all the children already prepared their hair and clothes neatly in eagerness desire to meet Dad at the airport. Arrived at the airport at 10 which is half an hour earlier than when Dad will arrive. The children asked their Sister in eagerness if they can have some ice cream in the meantime.

Eating ice cream, a luxury gift in this area for the kids for ice cream only sold in luxury places. A place where OBV children cant even afford the simplest luxury of eating an ice cream. To please the kids, Sister took them to the ice cream store but oh my God, the cheapest ice cream here would cost $1.50 USD. Baby Y said” its okay Sister, we don’t dare to eat ice cream anymore because Dad had spent a lot of money on us for taking care of us. The other kids were silent, not daring to respond but deep inside, they did not want to leave the ice cream store either. Sister decided to treat the kids for it’s their first time ever being to the airport to welcome Dad. Sister bought ice cream for each child. Some are sucking on the ice cream; some are licking while others tried to savour every last bite of the ice cream. Suddenly, a man put his arms around his children and said with laugh.

Oh dear….why are you standing here eating ice cream when you are supposed to welcome Dad?

Dad knew immediately where his children will be so he went and look for his kids.

Dad went out to look for his kids because he understood that from small to large, today is the first time his child has a chance to be at the airport

Both Ms.Thanh Truc, Dad and all his children went on the bus to head back to the hotel. While Dad was bathing, the children would run in and out and around the hotel room for it’s their first time to be in such a beautiful room.

After bathing, Dad handed presents, candies, chocolates and other stuffs to his kids.

Now, at the OBV home, on the same ferry, Father united with kids and enjoys his favourite fruit: Pineapple

After lunch, it was time for Dad to go and meet up with Father Vincent to talk about the Compungluong project. The children didn’t want to depart with their Dad and father didn’t want to leave his kids either. He made a promise to walk with them in the park later on in the evening; around 7pm at the wharf of Arey-ksath Phnom Penh

Dad continued his journey with Ms.Thanh Truc, who also came from the United State. Dad took her to visit the Vietnamese village, the OBV project linking Phnom Penh for all the children in the territory of Vietnam and Khmer.

Team came to visit the house that Father Vincent has been teaching catechism at srect ca-antenna (a house where one of a friend from the mission trip in last January promised to pay a full year's rent) and the land that father had bought for building new doctrine.

In catechism class father Vincent, Dad and all the OBV Kompong Luong children also participated

Dad Thong sat and learn catechism song at Kompungluong

After singing lessons, Father Vincent introduced Sister Sophorn, a Thai citizen whose was responsible for managing and sister Supatra who directly oversaw the OBV children in Kompungluong

The team meet and talk with Father Vincent

Also, Father Vincent exchanged info with the team about the style, cost and budget to build and construction an OBV Compung Luong house. He led the team to visit the neighbour’s house because he wanted that to be the sample house

When Dad returned, he was exhausted but kept his promise so he took the kids to the park and play with them.

Dad would do anything for his kids.

OBV Cambodia


Translated by Cally Chung. The original version in Vietnamese entitled "Con Ở Đâu Bố Ở Đó"

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