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Saturday, 05 August 2017 00:47

Our Difficulties - Identity Documents

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OBV House

Recently, a social psychologist told me: “In all kinds of organization, warm shelter is the most serious one”. When I asked why he said that, he told me some difficulties we might have in managing warm shelters.

Some kids got out of warm shelter and turned to crime. Some kids did not try to be nicer, just like before getting into our house. Although he told me that, I still remained calm. It wasn’t because I was inactive but because I’ve got a belief. I believe that there are lots of helpful people surrounding us. Especially, I believe that God will be always with us. In conclusion, I know that our House – House of God – is different from other Houses – Houses of people.

But I have to say that sometimes we get headaches. It’s because every child comes to our house with her very own personality, very own hobbies. It’s not easy to make them all get along well. We don’t dream of perfection. But the point is how to make our children understand that we all need others to live and grow up in a house of love; we all become better when we connect with others in a community, not alone by ourselves. OBV House is like a family. It couldn’t be fine without efforts. We have to make it fine. Each of us is an architect building our lives with our own styles, but of course, we have to follow some common rules.

People said: No matter who you are, a king or his people, you are the happiest one only when you find out peace at home. People try very hard to make ends meet all their life. But sometimes they take a moment to see how thing is and realize that their modern house is lack of love, laughter and moments when family members gather together.

In a lifetime, long ago and nowadays, when people were living with poor conditions or when five-star hotels are there for them to enjoy, there are always unconventional situations. Some people have everything to be happy but they’re not, while others live in poor conditions but have a happy life. A bird cannot be happy in a pretty cage. It’s only happy when it flies freely outside. A fish can only happy when it swims freely in the water. And we, as human beings, can only be happy when we are loved. So how can we do to make our children be happy in OBV House?

There are only 5 kids in OBV House now and they have received much concern. The kids themselves can see that, too. OBV cares not only about materials and food but also about other fields.

In field of knowledge: Looking for teachers to help them learn subjects they haven’t been good at.

In field of personality: Looking for social psychologists.

In field of physical education: Reminding kids to exercise; providing them with good meals and medicines whenever they get sick.

In field of career guidance: Although we haven’t know which occupations are proper to our kids because they are still learning at schools, we try to help the kids get used to handicraft work and look for teachers for them.

You might think: It is such a waste in a house with only a few kids! But in fact, it is not. OBV House is a family. We are all family members. And we need to take care of all of our members. Every kid is unique and needs to be loved and respected, respected in a special and soft way. Our wish is OBV House will be there forever. Because our aim is to make our children happy, to help them recover after such sufferings and misery.

Therefore, OBV must be warm place as it is a family. Because no one wants to live in a house without warmth and love. Here at OBV, we are living under a roof with two generations. One is adults and one is children. To get along well, adults need to remember that they used to be children. If an adult living nearby a child does not understand and learn to understand to love that child, the child will see how the grown-up’s world is to criticize, or to admire, love and respect.

In our OBV House, we are teachers but also workers. It might seem to be not very important, but in fact it is. We do these work because our goal is to love and to serve. Our work is simple and quiet but it is as important as Pope’s work: “To serve all servers”.

Three rules to make things go well are being skillful, practical and spiritual. As people said that we can’t love someone until we know him well, our priority is to understand and then to share and empathize. Therefore, our very first work to do is working with love.

There are lots of difficulties, of course. But if we try our best, nothing is impossible.

Identity Documents

I imagined that I am holding identity documents. The list is very long. Let’s see. Our founder is Priest Thong. There are other names like M., H., L., K., Q., T., S. There are names of someone I have seen but haven’t known their names, or someone I have heard of their names but haven’t met yet. The list goes longer with names of X., T., H., Y. Taking a closer look, I found out my name on the list. It is such a happy feeling. All of us, we and our kids, are a family.

People have said: People tend to live in better place (Well, if the place is not good enough, they might feel sorry to have gone there). It is not because people moving there that makes the place better. But it’s becausethe place is good enough for people to move there and live. Our wish is OBV’s identity documents will be like that good place, as tomorrow begins from today.

Ngoc Ho


Translated by Le Nhat Lam.  The orginal version in Vietnamese entitled "Đoản Khúc OBV - Tờ Khai Nhân Khẩu"

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