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Tuesday, 27 June 2017 03:45

Remember you, Dad

Dear Dad, do you know how lucky us kids are?! On that day, without you, who knows where we'd be right now. You've brought to us a ray of warmth and hope, a small family, and happiness that cannot be measured. You've given our self confidence back, so we can take those first steps forward into the real world.

We're thinking of you today, Dad. All the memories we have of you working hard to raise money for us to make sure we have a good life; of you rewarding us when we study hard and get good grades, all the things you've taught us, and everything you've done to be a positive influence for us.

Many years have passed, and you've watched us all grow, go to school, and heal our spirits. A miracle, because before OBV, we were nothing, floating aimlessly. But with your loving arms around us, taking on our pain and our burden....I guess this is why you're now sick.

You've had 2 operations now, and you've had to recover alone. So many of us, yet none of us have been able to care for you, the way you cared for us.

Father's day only comes once a year, but for us, we will always love you, a father who sits in all our hearts.

We love you!
The Children of OBV

Father Day 6/2017

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