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Tuesday, 06 June 2017 17:05

Thank you Muong La

Muong La was her nick name given by sisters, half out of love, half out of teasing.

She had been living in the OBV house for four months now. She integrated herself quite quickly and became and new loving sister. She was happy and she cared for those around her, always ready to lend a hand to her sisters. She lived to the tune and spirit of OBV. Besides these positives, she of course doubted herself from time to time, but was told not to worry, and to simply work on the weaknesses she felt needed improving, with OBV as her companion.

I still remember 'the night with the basin of warm water'. It was a very late night, but everybody stayed up to welcome a new little girl into the family. After being introduced and greeting the new sister, she quietly walked away into the kitchen to prepare a basin of warm water. She brought it back to her new sister's bed and said 'Auntie, please wash her with water, so that she can sleep well. She has travelled the whole day, and will get sick with cold water.".

While the mother of the new child looked at her, stunned, she just smiled as if it were a normal thing. And it was, here at OBV. The other sisters quickly prepared a nice bed for their latest addition.

She is preparing lunch for the OBV family

She is teaching the new younger one

She helped prepare lunch, and taught her new sister the alphabet. The next morning, she and the other older sisters gave an introduction to all the activities at OBV and encouraged the new sister's mother to join in, giving her peace of mind, that they, together with Mother Ngoc, would always be there to help and support the little girl...

I was proud of them for their deeds, even the small ones. She had prepared that warm water bather with her whole heart. She cared and shared the house chores with her sisters. She did everything with all her energy, and paid respect to every member. She loved her younger sisters and stood by them when they were confused and needed help. All of these qualities made everyone trust in her.

I have the greatest gratitude to her for adding only more warmth and love to our OBV house.

Be strong, my darling girl

N.H. OBV Vietnam

March 28, 2017

Translated by Jacqueline Huynh and Mr. Phung.  The original version in Vietnamese entitled "Cám Ơn Con, Mường La"


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