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Monday, 17 April 2017 00:09

A Visit to Our Children


Besides the children living with us in the OBV house, OBV supports other children, who for special reasons could not live with us, and instead now either remain with their parents, or at centres with specialized cared. However, OBV still remains in contact with them by phone, and endeavor to visit them a few times a year.

On one of the trips, we went to see X, a child whom we had supported for two years, before being asked by her family to have her back, so that she could help them. She was now mature, and a hard worker. Although the scars from her past had not completely faded, she had gained back a lot of her self confidence and now had a boyfriend, who was taking a course to convert to Catholitism ahead of upcoming marriage. After many years of work and saving up, her family now owned a new house. We were happy watching her step into her future with such confidence and dreams that could now become reality.

We continue the trip to another home for children with special needs, one of them having lived with OBV for a short period before being transferred due to her requirements.

She looked healthy and happy with a grown up body, but she still had deep scars that cut affected her mentally. OBV continues to support her, and hope that one day she will be well enough to be able to live a normal life.

After the visits, we knelt by the statue of Mary, and asked for her blessing for the children, and to the OBV family, as well as to all the generous hearts who have been supporting the mission.

OBV Vietnam

August 13, 2016

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