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Friday, 31 March 2017 20:55

Our Trip With Dad - A memorable one

an old article...

Although Dad had been through long days of 2011 Mission Trip, he didn’t forget the promise to take us on a trip. So, we were on the way to Dai Nam.

Being with us this time were L. – a volunteer in the 2011 Mission Trip, and K. – another volunteer who has spent her annual vacation to teach OBV’s children how to cut their hair with a desire that “not only to help kids know how to cut their hair but also consider this as a job for their future”.

All of us were too happy and too excited to sleep. Early in the morning, we all got up, cleaned up the floor and waited for Dad. We had a secret decision. That was from that time, we would call Father Thong Dad. This is not only a way of speaking but also a way to express our love with Dad – the one who always loves, concerns about and takes care of us.

There were lots of funny games. We took a memorable photo in front of the way to a game called “The Great Maze”. It was a scary game and still left us in such a manner. One was still ashen because of fear while another was ruffling her hair while she was screaming too much. But everyone was very happy.

Dad got hurt again. After a long mission, his back was getting hurter and he had to use a wheelchair.

All of us agreed to visit Dai Nam Natural Park. We were very excited to see lots of animals in their natural world and did not forget to take some photos.

Everyone in her own style

and have big smiles on our faces

In our meal time, we celebrated Tet and wished Dad a happy new year with health. Those were our simple but meaningful wishes to Dad.

“I am singing this song for you, Dad. This time for a lifetime.
I love this song so much, as it is about my love for you.”

_Elly Doan_

Jan 28, 2011

Translated by Lam Nhat Lam.  The original version in Vietnamese entitled "Bố & Con - Một Chuyến Đi Nhiều Kỷ Niệm"

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