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Sunday, 11 September 2016 10:38

District 9 Journey, meeting celebrity

an old article...

We all know that "parents place their children" but as they didn't want their children to move here with heavy hearts when knowing that they didn't want to leave their lovable place with lots of memories.

Those few days, when I took the children to District 9, I also wanted to help them to have psychological preparation in order to adapt to new place happily and comfortably. That afternoon, taking them around the village, when we just left our houses, we saw a target "Ecotourism area"; we asked around and got to know that it was 2 km away. Oh, so let's walk, just come and see.

The road that leaded to ecotourism area was only 5m wide, the more we got in, the narrower, but the trees along the road were nice. Children praised all along the road. That place was so coutryside, poor and simple citizens. The difference between the rich and the poor also appeared, I could see luxurious villas sometimes.

When we arrived, we saw a big board with several banners. It advertised that there was promotion from July 2nd to August 2nd. We were too shy to come in but the gatekeeper let us in. The scenery was so fantastic. While I was watching over the children, I heared a voice from a man in the garden "Oh, Seour". I was startled as people recognized me in such a far area, even though I changed myself not to look like a Seour.

It was evening and the children still enjoyed the view, but it was time to come back home. As soon as we crossed the gate, we met 2 persons, they smiled and were friendly
- Mom, they look so farmiliar
- I am the actress Thuy Lien
- Oh right, I saw you in movies
- I invite Seour and children to come here, I will discount

Just a few simple but close questions, children were so happy as they took picture with the celebrity. When the children knew our house would be devided, didn't know who stayed, who left, but now they were eager
- Mom, can I stay in District 9
- I want to go with you, Mom
I felt relief, remove all worries when thinking about moving the children here. Now I felt secured about them, hope they would like it
I looked at the watch to measure the time from here to home, it took 25 mins, not so far. I would take them there whenever it was convenient , before they came back to school

OBV 6/27/2013
Người Thừa Sai HN

Translated by Tram Dang.  The original version in Vietnamese entitled "Hành Trình Quận 9-- Gặp Người Nổi Tiếng"

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