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Sunday, 18 December 2016 07:03

Warm Chrismas

an old article...

Rolling on bed, finally I woke up at 9AM – lazy? Yeah, how lazy I was. As I was unemloyed...9AM was still early to me, and I had an appointment at 9AM

As I promised, I quickly started off with doing 3 loaves of flan for children, and I rode my motobike and headed to Cu Chi. Frankly speaking, this was the second time I visited land that my my dad bought long time ago. At the first time, as I went with my parents, I enjoyed cool astmosphere of the AC in the car, and of course my brother was driver, so I didn't care about the route and how to get there, just slept all along the road. And consequence was I had no idea about the route.

With the speed of the motorbike which was driven by an old lady, I had to look for the way for a long time and arrive when everybody was having lunch. My appearance made a small disorder! Kids, from young to older saluted me politely, treated me as a guest of honour. Shyly, I saluted back! I was not used to it, I was used to shorts, tank top, flip flop, but now...But OK, it was a good thing though, the kids were polite, obedient and well educated – a firm foundation for them in the future.

Cakes were displayed on dishes, I chatted with kids, beside was Seour Ngoc. Knowing that there was a new person sitting near the table, Seour Ngoc quickly cleared away my curiosity – a 11 year-old kid and just came here for the first time. She was beautiful – big eyes, high nose, and nice face! I didn't know if it was because I was strange or everything was new to her, she was so quite. She rarely smiled, her eyes were sad. She was still little... how come she wasn't sad when he had to suffer such a terrible thing like that, how come she didn't hurt when she suffered slight from other people while it was not her fault.

Father often joked "Even food doesn't taste good, but because of crowded children, it was finished" – I didn't know if I made cakes well or because of "crowded children", 3 loaves of cakes were finished. Or maybe because hey havent tasted anything that sweet...but their faces were radiant, it made everybody feel more cheerful. Yes, I was happy as still there was a time when children could forget all their dark past and smiled happily, played with other people!

In order to remunerate, I was rewarded with a dance that all the children had practiced for a long time. "Mom bought for me a pig,..." – the music was on, and in front of me was six kids dancing along music. Seeing them dancing, I was so happy and smiled. My mouth was fatigued but I couldn't stop smiling. It was interesting, after all thing that had happened to them, they still kept their innocence like that. It was priceless! I myself, when I was their age, if my parents hold rode staying next to me and asked me to dance, I would rather suffer being beaten

The next performance was older children's, with the background music, I could vaguely guess it was Korean. I was surprised at the big influence of Korean culture, and then I realized: "It is not because of Korean culture, it is because they are living in a real enviroment – where they are freely taken cared and protected, they freely discover and develop with their interests and dreams in order to catch up with their peers and trends". This was real kids and childhood.

Didn't sop there, in order to express their artist soul and zeal creativity, they perfored a play named "The little match girl". I read this literary work long ago, but forgot most of the details, but I was sure the scene "the little girl's sister took her to rock shelter and kneeled down in front of Jesus" is an added scene. A short scene, but it showed that they had a firm belief on God – a thing that I had tried hard to have. So, this Christmas, they were not as cold as previous years, they smiled happily and felt warmer.

This Saturday, I was going to meet them at Chrismas party. I would bring presents, and hoped that they would be happier, and hoped that it would make them feel warm! And I would try to earn a little more faith, that was Chrismas was a season of miracles, love and happiness

Merry Chrismas, everyone

Kim Vy - a guest who visited OBV Vietnam before Christmas

Saigon, 12/17/2012

Translated by Tram Dang.  The original version in Vietnamese entitled "Noel không lạnh"

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