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Thursday, 07 April 2016 02:51

New Home

She came from the Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia, her life has hung around the little boats and her floating hovel of her family, the furthest distance she has traveled was several miles to the land area of the Church onshore where her house temporarily located since the authority forced them to land on the shore as part of a five-year plan to beautify the riverfront. But now, she is miles far away from home, no family, no friends.

So it has been over a month to live in OBV house, this was not too much but long enough for her to get to know about the family and the live here. I recall meeting her in the late afternoon during my survey trip in the Kompong Chhnang Lake area, she rarely spoke a word, but she was agile to steer the boat with her brother and then she sat down at the top of the boat staring at the distant horizon as an adult was meditating on the life.

Being moved up to the land by Authority, her parents have no way to earn their living but becoming hackneys in Phnom Penh and leaving their kids to the care of the kid's grandmother. After "the incident" happened, she gets much slower in action and frequently in absent of mind (her family and her teacher supposed that she was like a "deaf" that time). Because of her family conditions, she have not been took care properly. She was ten years old and spelled Khmer with babble, she have been studying 1st grade for the last three years at the floating church school near her hovel. Like most of Vietnamese villagers living on Tonle Sap river, she has no official papers. At the beginning her parents did not dare to give her to me for they worried that I will probably sell her for money, not until a Sister guaranteed for my reliability, her parents agreed to let her go.

At the very first days in OBV house, she hung around at home with our staff while the other girls went to school; she was getting bored and wanted to comeback her home. However, when she was asked what she did think if she took pains to study at home until I finished her papers to apply her school study? The answer "YES, I AM GOING TO STAY FOR SCHOOL" was uttered steadily and without any doubt. That released me to some extent.

I always pray for her physical and spiritual health. May the Lord blesses us with wisdom and patience for guiding her and going along right her to the future brighter and better than what she have been through.

OBV Cambodia

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