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Love and Care

An old article...


Uncle An

Before the Mission Trip started, Mom N. told the kids that Dad Thong and his friends would come to visit them, including a doctor - PHD (but not the one who works at the hospital!)

-       How could we call him, Mom?

-       He’s older than Dad Thong, then you should call him uncle, OK?

Uncle An was too busy to have a meeting with kids. That made him worried. He then decided to take a longer meeting with kids while he was staying here with us for one night, two days.

The children often told jokes about Mom since then. That was because Mom began to have someone who is as the same age as her. Soon they found out that Mom is two months older than Uncle An. Mom stayed silent, smiled, not only nod but also joins us in telling jokes about that. Mom did that to stop kids telling jokes about her.

A meeting with all of our house’s members was held to help our girls get a better understanding about Uncle An and other things he wanted to talk to them. The meeting was warm. All the kids listened carefully and understood what was shared with them.

The children didn’t dare play with him like they often do with other young visiters. They just said: “He’s so handsome, brilliant and cool” (Uncle An’s jeans had lots of pockets), except for four-year-old QN. She was always around Uncle An, even when he was having a Skype meeting.

We were shy that our house was small and hot. But Uncle An didn’t say anything about that. He was very friendly and close to us.

He is good at many fields and has lots of connections. We all hope his work would help Dad to be less stressful.

Doctor Duy An was having a meeting with OBV’s kids.

We wondered how he felt after one night and two days staying with us. But there’s one thing we were sure of was that he would be "richer: somehow. Because his motto is: “Knowledge becomes richer when receiving. Soul becomes richer when giving to others”.


Doctor (this is the one who works at the hospital!)

Sickness might always be with us, especially with OBV’s kids. Just like Dad Thong, Uncle An was thinking about asking a doctor to take care of our health.

Mom N had prepared our own medical history, personal information and told the doctor some information about our sickness to help him have a clearer information about the kids.

Doctor Trinh’s style is hurrying when coming and slowing down when going. He didn’t want anyone to wait for him, so he left home for OBV House too early to have his breakfast. When he arrived, he greeted everyone then immediately turned back to his work: examining each kid. He told the kids: “Today I only take an overall examination to teach you how to take care of yourselves, OK? The more important thing is examining our Sisters.” Everyone was surprised because we all knew that our Sisters were not in OBV House’s examination list. But then we figured out that Doctor Trinh examined our Sisters to help them understand what is necessary in taking care of kids. Great idea!

Doctor Trinh was examining a kid.

And having a photo with all of us.

After all the examinations were finished, we all had lunch together. While having lunch, he taught us some good rules in nutrition, told us lots of important things that we hadn’t known. We wanted to thank Doctor Trinh so much.

His home was in Suoi Tien which is near district 9, so it’s convenient for our children’s appointment with him whenever they stay in the district. “If we all know that our meeting here today starts to be a special relationship, we all want to make more meetings like that”. Thanks to Doctor An who introduced Dr. Trinh. We now have one more Doctor being with us.



“Love reflects Jesus Christ’s face on faces of those who are suffering and oppressed”

Love is the story of souls. Love is uncountable. But we all need to be loved.

Nowadays, life is full of material things that many times people have pushed love to be stored in museum.

But there are still lots of people out there whose hearts are filled with love and hands are always open.

OBV Vietnam

June 12, 2013

Nguoi Thua Sai

Translated by Le Nhat Lam.  Original version in Vietnamese entitled "Bác và... Bác"   



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