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Saturday, 16 July 2016 04:00

A day in the OBV home

An old article...

Our home

It had been two months since the repair and reopening of the OBV Home. A number of issues arised while dealing with the kids, some relating to house chores such as a broken water pump, some involving other stories such as skipping school for abdominal pain, not understanding the courses, etc. I thought: "Oh my God, we only have four kids in the house and everything is just a mess, if we had forty, what would happen then? Hopefully we will get more experience as we go."

Susu was enrolled in School A and lived in the dormitory. The kids were very excited when she came home once a week. They told Auntie L: "It's fun having more people in the house." We've learned that Susu was quite lazy doing house chores in her dormitory. When she got home, however, she showed off by telling the younger kids what to do and what not. "It's not a bad idea letting her show off that way," I chuckled.

I often teased the kids: "Wow! There are a lot of talents in this house. Some of you can bead necklaces so well, some draw beautifully, others doing handcraft adroitly. Even at my age, I am unable to use my hands with the same dexterity."

The kids' works

I sometimes felt under a lot pressure while educating the kids. It was fine when they get along with each other. However, due to their different personalities and their young age, they needed to be taught how to behave in a group. They were too young to distinguish between right and wrong. I concerned a lot about Susu, for instance, as she looked so innocent but she was actually an assertive girl. She would not develop psychologically and physically in the right track if she did not get a correct guidance.

H, who joined the OBV home since its reopening day, also gave me a lot of headache. As she was the youngest in the house, she was so stubborn, kittenish and even hectoring with the older kids who have been spoiling her.

On T, I was upset at her silence and impoliteness when she first joined our home. However, as time goes, I understand her more and become closer to her. Now when she is impolite or does not behave, I can make her change her behavior right away just by a quick glance. I know deep inside, she still needs a lot comfort to calm her pain and her soul is a sensitive inner world that we need more time to discover.

X was the last one who joined our home. Her situation was also heartbreaking. Due to her illness sequelae, she always looked disoriented and acted clumsily. While she was the oldest among the kids by age and by her physical appearance, she was always nagged by other younger kids in the house because she was sweet and did not have good memory. Hopefully, the other kids would behave properly after we talked to them.

Having lunch with the Management Sister

In the bedroom

The OBV children have been enrolled in a psychological treatment every week. Due to the privacy of the class, I was not allowed to take any picture. Instead, here was an excerpt of what one of the OBV children thought.

Excerpt of some thoughts of an OBV kid

The OBV children also participated daily in the competition program of "growing clean vegetables at home" which was developed from the "Program of small organic agriculture" with this interesting slogan "Appealing – New – Diverse – Easy to do." The kids were very excited to grow all kinds of vegetables such as: white mint, red peppers, mustard, bok choy, zucchini, etc. One day we would have clean, fresh and safe self-grown vegetables to eat.

Let's cultivate!

And disseminate!

Watering and caring the plants. Looks so exciting!

All the above was to keep you informed on the daily activities in the OBV home. So, please pray for it to grow strong and full of love.

OBV Vietnam


Translated by Le-Anh.  The original version in Vietnamese entitled "Một Ngày Ở Nhà OBV"

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