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Thursday, 11 February 2016 00:00

The End-of-the-Year Prayer

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The End-of-the-Year Prayer at Mother Mary's shrine

Mom: Here we were at the last few hours of the year of 2013 which would soon pass. With this passing of time, we can not help but realized the graces of God in our lives through the love of our parents, the love of "Dad", and the numerous family of people who labored, provided and cared for us.

At the end of a year, each of us normally takes an account of our life in the past year and how we measured up to God's blessings. Through peace and hardships, in joy amidst sadness, with success intertwined with failure, through blessings mixed with trials; we often contemplate, "How are we still alive, to be able to breathe and function?" We must always realize that Almighty God is continuously blessing us with innumerable "miracles" in our daily life. Thus, our life must be a continuos prayer of thanksgiving. How can we repay You, O Lord, for Thy numerous benefits?

As we search our souls, we see our numerous offenses in the past against God and our neighbors. In this moment, we sincerely ask for God's forgiveness. We thank Him for all of His blessings upon us, physically and spiritually. We offer Him a contrite intention to rid ourselves of vices and to practice virtues. For the new year, we pray that God will bless each of us, our family and friends with His lasting peace.

New year wishes to "Dad" Thong

With our love and sincere gratitude, we wish "Bo" Thong the best of health, longevity, peace and joy. Please forgive us for making you sad or disappointed you so many times. We promise to better ourselves in order to make you happy and be proud of loving us.

New Year wishes to Mom, Aunts, Uncles and Benefactors

At end of the year and the beginning of a new year, together with one voice, we thank you for all of your extraordinary love, devotion and care for us throughout the years. We pray that God will always bless each of you. May He strengthen you, body and soul, in your works of charity for Him and His youngest children. May God help us to be worthy of your love and devotion.

OBV Vietnam


Translated by Lucy.  Original version in Vietnamese entitled "Giờ Cầu Nguyện Cuối Năm

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