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Saturday, 14 May 2016 00:00

Summer Came

An old article...

Different from other places, the students here did not have any summer break. They still went to classes regularly. The students did not have to say goodbye to their friends and teachers. They also did not have to repeat the saying, "Mites are calling summer to come, and the school has to say goodbye to the laughers of students..." The children were still surrounded by their teachers and friends. Beside that, the children of OBV Cambodia had another program, which was an English program in charged by James. He was a young volunteer of OBV who lives in America, but he gave up his precious summer to come and teach our children.

Our children welcomed James. This was when they just came back from school

In the evening, the first class was started.

This was the class for older children in our family. James and the kids were introducing themselves. After that, he asked them about the day, month, and year. Teacher James asked them: "what day, month, and year is today?"
He was teaching them about social greetings.

For example, what is your name? How old are you? What grade are you in? The students had different answers. They paid close attention to his pronunciation and listened to hard words over and over again. James also tried to correct the kids with their pronunciations.
This was the lesson about differentiating colors.

James gave out a certain colors and taught the children how to say the names of those colors. He also asked questions like: "What is this color? What color do you like?" After the lesson, he reviewed everything that he had taught. One-hour flied by quickly, both James and the students felt interested.

To the younger kids, James also taught them how to recognize different colors. In his hand, he had a punch of different colored pencils. Because they were younger, James had to spend more time teaching them to make sure they had learned everything.

He continued putting out a stack of colored papers. James asked every student: "What color do you like?" Then he distributed the papers according to their preferred colors. When everyone had a paper and a pencil in hand, James wrote on the board short questions like: "What is your name? How old are you? How many siblings do you have? After the students answered orally, they wrote their answers on the papers. They reviewed everything together again and ended the class.

Welcome James to our OBV family, we are very very happy!


July 23, 2014

Translated by Ngân Nguyễn.  Orignal version in Vietnamese entitled "Hè đến

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