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Thursday, 26 November 2015 00:00

By your side

An old article...

Father Thong and a member of mission trip cooked seafood for the OBV children

The group's trip visiting OBV Cambodia of Father Thong ended after a seafood meal that was sponsored and cooked by Father Thong.
That afternoon, when doing grocery with OBV children, we saw some seafood on the market and asked the kids if they knew any of those. None of them knew any kind of seafood because they had never eaten them before. So Father bought some of the seafood, in the hope of making a fun and interesting meal for the kids.

Grace before meal

The children have been taught how to each seafood

Though the trip ended, Father's love remains with his children. He gave each and every kid a warm hug, as to say he loved them and did not want to leave them. Indeed, time and geography only makes his arms wider, his heart bigger, and his house larger to shelter all the "lost little fish" under its roof.
I told the kids: love Father Thong, love him much, pray for him, and work hard to be a good person as he always wanted you to be.

June 5, 2013

Translated by Mai Dinh.  Original version in Vietnamese entitled "Bên Con Tháng Ngày"

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