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Wednesday, 08 April 2015 00:00

We took three new members back to OBV family in March

Sister Ngoc and the new children

These days of March, project staffs of OBV went with Sister Ngoc to visit and consult 3 victims' families of child sex exploitation. A five-hundred-kilometer road trip, we had to go 3 times to be successful in persuading their families to let them live in OBV Family. Due to the specific characteristic of each area, there were only 2 children can come to OBV Family, another one will be helped by project staff to carry out the procedures because until now she did not have any personal papers to prove that she is ...Vietnamese.

They have different circumstances with different levels of mental and physical trauma. Some of them had been experienced violent and used since they were in Grade 5 (eleven years old) and then exploited as sexual tools. The others were sexual slaves by their relatives because of their innocence. And one of them had to mump everyday as well as faced the risk of being sold anytime by the aunt... Fortunately, now they are safe with Mother Ngoc and supporters, in care and protection of Father Thong, along with the OBV Family. These children will have another life and another future, everything still depends on the attempt and effort of them. Try your best in order to fulfill the hope of Father Thong, Mother Ngoc and all supporters altogether built for you a road leading to a better future.

(Visiting and persuading families – most of our places are borrowed from a person in the village, because families of the children do not have houses, or some of them were scared of coming back home)

March 2015


Translated by Chuyện Người Trẻ .  Original version in Vietnamese entitled "Tháng 3 Chúng Tôi Đã Đón 3 Em Về Nhà OBV"


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