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Monday, 22 December 2014 00:00

A new child

L has dark skin and looks healthy.  She’s 10 year old but can easily be mistaken for a 6 – 7 year old.

Since L entered the OBV Cambodia, she seemed sad, hardly talk or laugh.  Lots of enticements required to get a yes or no out of L.  Eventhough she refused to talk but other children at the home gathered around trying to engage L in their conversations or to play with her.   All the older children, after returning home from school, always inquired and greeted L with a smile.

Knowing L misses her family, everyone is trying to help her cope by introducing L to new games and befriended L.  Some time, the older children would ask L to join them in doing home work and then use the time to teach L.  It has been a week since L entered OBV home but she still missed her old home a lot.  When other children are doing home work, L doesn’t want to learn or say anything.  L’s integration pace into OBV home is slow since everyone made effort to get to know her but she has yet show sign of closeness or liking anyone at the home.

DN is the youngest in the home, 2 years younger than L, and is very sweet.  DN often has seen hanging around L.  She would take L by the hand and lead L to English class, even take L to her seat.   When L has a head ache, DN would take her to get medicine.  When L cries, DN would try to comfort L and play with her.  L has not seen crying out loud; always in silent with rolling tears down her face.  I felt sad and sorry for L in those momments:  so young and yet she had to endure such ordeal that leads her to be separated from her mother and sibblings. I hope that in a few days, with the love of OBV family and the interaction with friends at school, L will have less time to miss her family and focus more on her future.

NP - OBV Cambodia


Translated by Theresa Dang.  Original version in Vietnamese entitled "Thêm Một Người Con"

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