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Thursday, 13 November 2014 00:00

Welcoming New Family Members

If you've been following the stories on our OBV website, you'll remember the story of one of our little girl published in: A Fate Like Weed.

After many visits and dialogue exchanged with C's family, I persuaded her family to let C comes and stays at OBV home. C's family is not in a situation to provide proper care for her. C's dad is mentally ill. C's mom and her grandparents are busy making end meets. C was often found wondering the streets and highways barefeet from Can Tho to Soc Trang. The chance of C facing abused and kidnapped for sex trafficking was pretty high. Thus, I felt a great sense of relief after I brought C to live in OBV home.

Her feet didn't even have an old pair of sandals and her clothes are worn. She's like a little bird that just opened her eyes to see the world for the first time.  Oh little C, don't worry. From now on, you have a new family and a new life. A home fills with love and care. A new future awaits you. Try your best –live out your youth, build hopes and dreams and a new solid foundation for your future.


This is a story of T.

T is 10 year old. Her Dad is suffering from mental illness. Her mom has a heart condition. Her parents have four children. Their family is one of the poorest families in western province. Everyday, the whole family would set out to scavenge crabs and snails to survive and would take on any work anyone is willing to give them.

One night, she was attacked by one of her dad's drinking buddies. Her attacker waited for her family to fall into a deep sleep that night before he made his move. The drunkard repeatedly chewed on her breasts and left her injured physically and mentally.

The attacker was captured and sentenced to jail for his crime. As for T, she has nearly gone mad. She scavenged for cigarrette buds to smoke and inhaled gasoline vapor by snooping around and opened gas tanks. Her condition worsened due to her family economic condition and lack of understanding.

Through another non-profit organization that helped families like hers in the area, I was in put in touch with her family. It was hard to approach T in the beginning-as if she had shut herself off. With numerous attempts to establish connection with T using all that've learned from my trips and from OBV members, I finally earned her trust. T slowly opened herself up to engage in conversations and had the courage to sit next to me. After she had learned that I can put her in another home, she begged me: "uncle, can I leave today?" I had the feeling that she presently lived in fear.

Finally, she arrived at OBV home with C. T seldom talks and stubborn. However, I believe that with all the love from OBV family, she'll change. She'll have a brighter future.

Oct 20, 2014


OBV Vietnam

Translated by Theresa Mai.  Original version in Vietnamese entitled "Mừng Các Con Đến"

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