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Monday, 27 October 2014 00:00

The child in Kdiay Kandal

Hi everybody, today I have a story about a girl that was enticed by a boy.

Late one afternoon, TA (the girl's name) was used to going to Church. One day, she went to the church as usual, but unlike the other day, she still didn't come back home yet even darkish night. Her mother worried about her missing daughter so she went near the church where all the lights were turned off already to look for the girl. The mother kept running to girl's friends house to find her but the girl still wasn't there. TA's friends said that she had gone around the church so the mother immediately came back. She found the girl in the back yard and heard the kids' talk in low tone. Turing on the flash light and she saw her daughter was standing with the boy (neighbor) in the bushes.

At that moment, the boy had taken his clothes off and he was taking off the girl's clothes. Without question, the mother was certain of what he wanted. She took him by the hand and slapped on his face. Asking the girl to put the clothes on and also asked, "Are you still ok?" "I'm ok, my clothes were just taken off. That's all!"- the girl said. The mother led the boy by hand to see his parents in order to talk about everything had just happened. His parents begged for forgiveness and would accept full responsibility for his act if he would do it again.

Several days afterward, I heard this story. I came to the girl's house and wanted to find more details but the mother didn't want to see me at the first time. Because she didn't want anyone to know what happened to her child. Then I asked her sister-in-law for a favor. Finally, the mother agreed to meet me. I persuaded her to let me take care of her child. She didn't answer at that time but for a while, she was heard that her daughter can go to school if stays there. Then she called me and agreed.

When I got this news, I came and met her again. "She had very little schooling. I'm counting on you"- the mother said. In answer," we will take care of her". Since then the girl was taken to live in the OBV Cambodia.


July 2014

Translated by Kelly Tran.  Original version in Khmer.  Vietnamese version entitled "Chuyện về đứa trẻ ở Kdiay Kandal"

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