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Monday, 29 September 2014 00:00

My First Task

The two girls, their grandparents and mother.

Dear Readers! I am glad to be able to write this article about my first task since joining OBV, namely to take care of two girls. They are sisters, both very cute and lovable. The fatherless house – due to the parents' divorce – consisted of a mother and her two daughters. While the father left to live with another woman, the girls lived with the mother, who was always drunk and shouting profanities, known in the neighborhood for wandering off on the streets and regularly beating the children.

Ironically, the ones looking after them were the neighbors in the area. Everyone was worried about their safety, especially when their mother, who worked as a prostitute, started thinking about selling one of them off. They were able to contact someone who knew of OBV, which led to my involvement in and investigation of the situation with their help.

Meanwhile, I tried to meet the family and went to their place personally. Nobody was home when I visited the first time, but I was able to connect to the grandparents who were nearby. They were very relieved when hearing of us and promised to help convince the family. On my second visit, the mother was in such a state reeking of alcohol that nothing could be done. Luckily, I was also able to meet the daughters. Both of them loved the idea and were excited to come to our OBV home, to learn and play with other children. I stopped by a third time to find myself successfully communicating with the mother, who was willing to listen. At that time, I wanted to bring the girls home with me right away, but they had to study for their tests, so that had to be postponed.

I visited them every week to check on the girls, while at the same time relying on the grandparents' and neighbors' effort to prevent the mother from selling her child. After one month, you could notice the mother's steady change of mind thanks to their words. But the girls' father had suddenly come back and stood against the idea of them joining our OBV family. Extremely worried by now, I prayed, discussed and talked my way through, and did all I could with the support of many others. In the end I was allowed to pick them up and bring them to OBV. Thank God.

The girls are finally welcomed into the OBV family.

Their future path will be a long one, where they will have to endure homesickness, get used to a new school and meet new friends. We hope that they will overcome the difficulties and live to a better future.


Translated by Marie N.  Vietnamese version entitled "Nhiệm Vụ Đầu Tiên".  Original in Khmer.

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