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Thursday, 01 May 2014 19:34

Who can "be a voice – lend a hand" to help the children?

Meeting up and persuading the child's family at the news-provider's house

She doesn't know how many siblings she has, how their faces are and whether they are fine. Because poverty follows, dad is an alcoholic and gambler and mom is a hired labor; except for the middle brother and the baby sister, the others were sold after being born. $900 USD, $100 USD was the price of each transaction – the next three siblings were sold with the price which was high compared to the living standard in Cambodia. However poverty is still poverty. The baby sister who has just been born is taken cared by her grandparents because they are afraid that their grandchild will be sold then. The grandparents have an unsettled life so the young little girl couldn't go to school and had to live lonely in the forest. Is this called "good luck?"

About her, she is 15 now. However she looks like a nine or ten year-old girl because of her slim body and shy smile. At first sights, nobody knows the fear she faces every day. The age of 15 is a beautiful one to be "sold" according to Vietnamese people's views in Cambodia. Around the village, people always say to her and her parents "Sell her!" "You should sell your body to help your parents, girl!" "You are now adult, sell your body, girl!"

With the information we collected, we have visited the family and persuaded them to let her go with us so that she could go to school, to be brought up properly and the family won't have to spend any money on taking care of her but their life. Today, she joined OBV, she is gradually integrating and adapting life here. Hope her life has turned to another page since today.

The girl joined OBV

Quickly getting on well with other girls

Her mom is pregnant with her sixth child. This child may be sold as the sisters. There are too many unhappy lives somewhere. Who can "be a voice – lend a hand" to help them?

March 2014

OBV Cambodia House

Translated by Tho Nguyen.  Original version in Vietnamese entitled "Ai có thể góp một tiếng nói, chung một bàn tay để giúp các em?"

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