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Tuesday, 11 February 2014 19:24

“The Fierce Tiger Won’t Eat Its Child,” However…

Mr. Binh Nguyen - director of OBV Vietnam - meets with her family

The OBV family is happy to receive its newest member who has just returned to Vietnam from Cambodia

This young girl was living with her mother due to the circumstances surrounding her parents' divorce. Her mother had the idea to sell her daughter to Malaysia for unknown yet potentially dangerous purposes, so she told a lie to her mother in order to get permission to visit her biological father in Cambodia. During her visit with her father, she explained her mother's intentions.

OBV Cambodia helped bring her to the OBV Vietnam house. Since she wasn't able to speak Khmer, she wasn't able to assimilate to life in Cambodia.

Ms. Linh (left) - Director of OBV Cambodia - has brought her to Vietnam


Sister Ngoc - OBV Vietnam Management - warmly welcomes her to the OBV family.

We're excited to welcome our newest member to the OBV Vietnam house!


Translated by Jesse Robbins.  Original version in Vietnamese entitled "'Hổ Dữ Không Ăn Thịt Con', Vậy Mà..."

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