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Thursday, 05 December 2013 00:00

A Stolen Childhood!


Through a source from a reporter of NLD Magazine, OBV Vietnam has investigated and verified a case of a four year old girl was sexually assaulted server times.

After getting the information from investigating agency, OBV Vietnam has come and met Ms. T.T.V - the young girl's mother.

In their rented appartment

After knowing the OBV mission, Ms. V. is very excited and wants OBV to take care of her daughter because she has seen some weird behaviors from her daughter - comparing to other same age girls - and she doesn't know how to help the young daughter.

OBV staff giving her candies

Looking at her innocence and running around in the OBV office, we were really sad when thinking about what that evil man had done to the girl in such a long time.


Hopefully with the care of OBV, this young girl would forget her past and may have her beautiful childhood again.



Translated by Thanh Nguyen.  Orginal version in Vietnamese entitled "Tuổi Thơ Bị Đánh Cắp!"

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