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Wednesday, 04 December 2013 00:00

Welcome Home, Dear!

I just have migrated to Cambodia about one month. I can't speak the local language, Khmer.Due to my family circumstances, I was forced to leave school since long in Vietnam. A slender girl is too petite for the age of 14.

My parents divorced, separated to two far distance places. Mom stays in Vietnam but Dad lives in Cambodia. I told my Mom with reason to leave Vietnam to Cambodia is spending some time and saying farewell to Dad before leaving to Malaysia. But deep in my heart knew it was a lie. Why lie to my Dear mother, leaving the country where I had attached since childhood to a new complete strange country, not knowing what to expect ahead, especially in the age of 14-year-old child?

One day, there was a pretty lady visiting home. She exchanged a secret conversation with my mother. But when my mother saw me and said : "Honey, be prepared to travel to Malaysia with her. The lady told that every day just sitting there , do nothing much and still earn a lot of money." I questioned myself that does my mother not know being tricked or does she hope to catch a chance to change my life. But Mom, even 14 -year-old girl like me could not even believe this unreal story. My father's family objected but she still insisted. I contacted my father to escape from my mother's coerce. Without valid passport papers, and I...crossed the border to Cambodia to unite with my father. My father's family lives in the village of material deprivation but rich in love and careness. With the introduction of OBV (One Body Village) volunteers, my family is received the support and help of OBV.

OBV volunteer guide my family filling out the applications

I am home: OBV 

Today, OBV in Cambodia is delighted to welcome me back home uniting with all of my sisters. I have quickly integrated very well with everyone. This will be myhouse and my sisters as well. I look forward to a better future.


Translated by Tuyen Nguyen.  Original version in Vietnamese entitled "Mừng Con Về Nhà"

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