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Wednesday, 20 November 2013 23:34

If You Are Willing to Become a Prostitute, I Will Give You Money to Beautify Yourself

Upon hearing the sentence above, I always thought of it something uttered from the mouth of a "mama" or from the "elder brothers or sisters" specialized brokerage, hussling and trafficking of women and children as prostitutes, as sex slaves. Never even in my dream, would I believe this is the words of "advice" from a birth mother to her daughter.

During this time of work at Cambodia, we stopped in to visit a 16 years old girl's family. With a slim image and a shy voice, D shared the circumstances of her life. The house that she is living in is rented by her parents as a primary shelter, temporarily for the entire family. Given the hardship, she had dropped out of school for a long time and now, D is faced with a decision which seems too difficult for her age.

The small muddy alley leading to her house

The "house" looking from the outside

The reason I say it's too hard for D to decide at an age when "haven't ate full, worry yet to come" because through what was shared, I know D's mom had repeatedly "advised" her to go become a prostitute. She also offered with a condition: If she is willing to become a prostitute, she will give her money to make herself prettier! After further explanation, we understood why.  She had lost two front teeth; if she listen, her mother will give her money to replant that two broken teeth.

After hearing this, I wonder if motherhood exists in the mind of this parent or not? People say "tigers do not eat their cubs flesh," but why would she conciously pushes her daughter into a tiger mouth? D have cried many times, begging not to do the job  that her mom persuaded.  But does D have enough self-determination to save her life or not?

D's dreams of going to school has been crushed due to poverty. Now, the desire to learn the arts of drawing is probably just luxury dream far away which have been stolen because of her own mother. I wonder how many more children out there sharing the same fate as D? I wonder how many more parents are willing to put aside her motherly love to push their children in the same destiny with no way out?

Leaving D's house with the concerns and plans to help her life, we continue with our work of trying to help many more lives, those with the same fate as D.

Phạm Sỹ

"The story above is among the countless numbers of untold stories which are 'often' seen from children of Cambodia. Thank you very much for your interest and contribution to OBV in lending a hand to help them."


Translated by Hang N.  Original version in Vietnamese entitled "'Nếu Chịu Đi Làm Gái, Mẹ Sẽ Cho Tiền Làm Đẹp'"

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