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OBV Children

Sunday, 08 September 2013 00:00

"How lovely these children are!”


OBV children in Cambodia

The children usually boast that many people have praised them for their obedience and loveliness.

I asked, "Whose lovable children are you?"

They answered, "Daddy Thong’s."

I said, "That’s right! Fr. Thong’s children are obedient and … what else?"

They replied in chorus, "and study hard."

Truly, Fr. Thong is away but, it seems that he is very close to the children because they talk about him every day.

I feel very proud that many people love my children because they are compliant and courteous. I hope that they are more and more obedient and have a better self-awareness of their study.


Translated by Tho Nguyen. Original version in Vietnamese entitled  "Mấy Đứa Trẻ Này Dễ Thương Quá!"


Sunday, 08 September 2013 00:00

What To Do With The Black Fund


When hearing about 'black fund', some might wonder, “How come the convent management have a black fund?” This stashed fund is due to the funds accumulated during the past few years. It is the earning from the rosaries the children made, along with savings, and also from contributions made from sponsors for each individual. It is called the 'black fund' because it is not accounted in the bookkeeping, due to it being solely as gifts for the children. However, management must be granted permission and approval to used. 
The black fund is not much. It is only used during special occasion like New Year, birthdays, organizing picnics for the children after each semester exam, or just to relieves stress.
Since Mother is coming home, she had combined all of the events together to save and money for convenient. It is celebrating the 4 children whose birthdays falls in the month of July and August, celebrating our new home, celebrating Mother's Day for mother and Ms.Yen Thao, celebrate mother coming home, thanking Aunt Thom, thanking and welcoming the 2 new volunteers. One managing in account payable and the other one in receivables.

Thursday, 05 September 2013 00:00

Sóc Trăng Story!


While I was in midway through parenting skills presentations in Soc Trang with other co-wokers, I received news that a child needed OBV help. Therefore, I went to the child's house together with a friend from the Women Association in order to verify the news.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013 16:59

Administrative procedures

Nearly past two months, OBV Vietnam focused on residency document and school transferring. It is the work that we have done for three years in every summer.

Due to lack of money, OBV had to rent house for children. Then a benefactor lent us a house for children, so we processed to transfer to new house.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013 14:51

A bigger surprise!

The sisters from Vietnam and Cambodia attentively listened to one another

I took a two day trip to Vietnam for some "urgent business" – That doesn't mean that I didn't have time to visit our children – in both the Vietnam and Cambodia houses!

Thursday, 04 July 2013 00:05

Sharing and Sympathizing


Ms. Linh Hà is seeing her children singing and dancing

Living is the continuous of sharing and sympathizing. On July 3rd, OBV family was so grateful to welcome Ms. Linh Hà, overseas Vietnamese committee from Australia. She is one of effective benefactresses of OBV organization.

The friendliness of Ms. Linh Hà is expressed through her light smile and her warm regard. She talked with each child, learned their names and gave them encouraging. Those are gifts for children souls. Besides that, Ms. Linh Hà also gave the children candies and instance noodles.

Thursday, 25 April 2013 00:00

Thanks to Mekong Mother's grace


Children of OBV Cambodia

There was nothing new or special happened to our lives. However, I felt one thing and consider it as a grace of Mekong Mother. It was children who visit Mother after finishing school. I think Mother may feel touched when she sees her little children visit her everyday, so she gives grace for our family: all of the kids want to stay here. Ngoc Yen said: "I feel sorry for sister N.B, don't know how she is doing now."

With Mother's grace, we all feel warm in our famiy. We all pray and thank Mother everyday.


Translated by Tram Dang .  Original version in Vietnamese entitled "Nhờ Ơn Mẹ Mêkông"


I felt sadness looking at the little girl. I feel resentment towards her mother and sisters.

M. lives in Arey-ksath, her family practice Buddhism, orphaned by her father at a young age. They are of Vietnamese origin and very poor. A year ago, she was still a little child with runny nose. But now she is a 14 year old developing girl.

Monday, 15 April 2013 00:00

New chapter of life


Father Martino with A.T.

In the past when Father Martino wanted to bring me to OBV, I denied the suggestion because I did not want to be far away from my family, be separated and be in a different environment, because it would make me to remember the past.  Furthermore, I did not want to receive too much help from others….Those were my thinking back then.

However, meeting with children from OBV house through various activities and events have changed my mind.  Gradually, I have realized that the help and protection from Father, Sisters and OBV staffs are totally different from previous experiences.

OBV jus received a child through the introduction of Archdiocese Caritas Saigon.
When we talked with her mom, we got to know that her family situation was so tragical that the mom had intended to apostatize as the Cross God gave her was too heavy. She prayed to Mother Mary, if Mother Mary hadn't helped, she would apostatize and send her daughter to a house in a pagoda. Luckily, as Mr Huynh Truong, her catechist, knowing her situation, came to Caritas office to ask for help.

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