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OBV Children

Meeting up and persuading the child's family at the news-provider's house

She doesn't know how many siblings she has, how their faces are and whether they are fine. Because poverty follows, dad is an alcoholic and gambler and mom is a hired labor; except for the middle brother and the baby sister, the others were sold after being born. $900 USD, $100 USD was the price of each transaction – the next three siblings were sold with the price which was high compared to the living standard in Cambodia. However poverty is still poverty. The baby sister who has just been born is taken cared by her grandparents because they are afraid that their grandchild will be sold then. The grandparents have an unsettled life so the young little girl couldn't go to school and had to live lonely in the forest. Is this called "good luck?"

Monday, 21 April 2014 05:40

Ahead the Road...


Photo of the girl at district police station to report, I secretly photographed as it seemed she always bows her head

When I met her, her trembling fear of strangers kept my thinking that the incident just happened yesterday, but the fact was 7 months elapsed since the heartbreaking incident.

Her family was poorest in the province, maternal mother had blood cancer, skinny drudging figure, her father had congenital heart disease, traumatic seizure anytime. Source of family income is the 1967 old motorcycle, driving the customers to support the whole family, more hungry days than full-meal days.

Monday, 21 April 2014 04:47



Dad! Where are you? Mom! Where are you?

The children were neglected when their parents divorced, the mother moved to live with her new husband, and the father went missing with his mistress. Three siblings lived like homeless, not a caregiver, not a daily meal, they took care of themselves.

Every day the children went begging for food or "had a meal" at the benefactor's family, they took showers when it was raining and hugged each other in bedtime until their clothes dried. They hang on to live as such from day to day.

Monday, 21 April 2014 00:00

Tiny And Fragile


H. is her name, she is 7 years old, hasn't had a day at school yet, hang around her grandfather's house all day when her parents are working all day long, the whole week. Doing the labor job is not earning much. In the season, there is some work to earn some money, otherwise .....

Following an OBV volunteer in a remote province, I came visit and found out the little girl's status in the summer hot midday of the South. Walking over 1 kilometer to the destination, we had to park the car on the edge because of the narrow road. My whole body was sweating in hot humid summer day. When I just saw her, my whole body felt numb. How such heartless and barbaric man exists. He didn't even spare a very tiny girl weigh only 14 kg.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014 14:27

The First Sweetest Fruit

I met you 4 years ago. You were the first child I met and brought back to One Body Village when I started the work of searching and rescuing victims of slavery and sexual abused. I still remember vividly that first time. We came from far away to the cold desolated house with only 2 sisters were living and taking care of each other. The older sister, you, was only 15 years old. I still remember the suspicious looks from the loved ones in the family and the detractors of the neighbors' pity when asked about you.

Wednesday, 09 April 2014 14:29

Yesterday – Today – And Tomorrow

Mother Ngoc is talking with the children, new members of the OBV family


Yesterday was the past, a traumatic past.

• A little girl lived in the West of the country. After she was sexually abused by a local man and the incident was discovered and prosecuted, her whole family had been living in fear. Rocks were often thrown at the house, all bred fishes in the pond were dead after a few hours away. The family was always in watchout and ready to make emergency exit out of the house for fear of house being burned. The girl had to take leave of absence from the school because of getting beat on the way to school and intimidations.

Friday, 04 April 2014 00:00

Oh! We own Tuktuk now!


OBV staff in Cambodia is driving the children around in new Tuktuk.

For the necessities are needed such as children go to Mass, attending the weekly Bible school, especially in the rainy season which is heavily raining all day long, they also have to go to school, the OBV organization in Cambodia has just bought a Tuktuk.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014 00:00

"Let us contribute"

The result after many months of hard works

The OBV (One Body Village) family was very happy that the couples Viet Thu Dinh, aboard Australian, visit and stay and help the children in some ways for one week.

Before the couples came, the garden cooling shade project had been planned, implemented secretly and funded by "Black Funds" with our own labors. But the couples had contributed an enough amount of money, and also lend a helping hand into this project.

Monday, 10 March 2014 14:54

Mom’s Birthday

The children write the wishes and give the picture of Mom and the children attached during the past years ..

The past February 24th was Mom's birthday.  Although Mom was not my Birth Mother, you had been nurturing and teaching us dailyPeople have said: "The fruit of Birth is not compared to the fruit of Nurture".  We were so happy when both Mom and Dad had nurtured and loved us.

We remembered Mom's birthday and were counting the days, and the Aunts also planned to cook the delicious meal for the party with the OBV familyMother knew our plan so she would like to have no celebration, no food, no cake, just our existence with her is her happy momentShe warned that if one does not obey her words, then she would check a Mark ‘X’ (*).

Friday, 28 February 2014 02:23

Martial Arts Lesson


Master Jesse is training the children at OBV house in Cambodia

As often as one week in every month, Master Jesse and Dr. Thuy regularly took the bus ride to Cambodia to teach Martial Arts to the children at the OBV home. Try his best using the ability to speak Vietnamese to help the children understand, he said: During my visit, I wanted to review your skills thoroughly to help you better understanding the skills and practicing competently.

At 8 pm sharp each night, the training began.

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