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Sunday, 23 December 2012 18:38


Merry Chistmas

Ms Ngoc Phuong is now the manager of OBV Cambodia. Bellow is her sharing on Christmas Eve with OBV children

There was no need to sit beside fireplace, no need to bring many clothes, no need to wear beanie...

However, this Christmas I feft even warmer. Sitting beside me were children, they also felt the same with me: different from previous Chrismas
I missed all my friends and relatives...

Sunday, 23 December 2012 00:00

Small angels on Christmas

OBV family is celebrating Christmas

Sunday: The first day of a week, the day that children were waiting for as they could rest and play

According to our program, tonight Sunday, December 12th, we took children to watch performances at church. We walked around to see rock shelter in the parish. Our children were prior to seat in front where was only for Priest and Seour. During the performances, when every performance ended, priest looked at our children and clapped his hands proudly, people in the church were watching, but only Priest clapped most loudly, clap even the performance was good or not, he gave soft drink to them and said "Drink to have energy to clap your hands". M found him happy and cheerful; she touched him and sang "I ask u why you became a Priest?" He could not answer, Mother N helped. He said: I know, this song is Father Thong's, right? It turned out that he knew Father Thong! He also said: When our Parish has performances, Seour will let you perform some, OK!!! After the performances, we walked back, two youngest children felt weary in their legs, so her sisters carry on their backs. What a happy day.

Friday, 04 April 2014 00:00

Oh! We own Tuktuk now!


OBV staff in Cambodia is driving the children around in new Tuktuk.

For the necessities are needed such as children go to Mass, attending the weekly Bible school, especially in the rainy season which is heavily raining all day long, they also have to go to school, the OBV organization in Cambodia has just bought a Tuktuk.

OBV jus received a child through the introduction of Archdiocese Caritas Saigon.
When we talked with her mom, we got to know that her family situation was so tragical that the mom had intended to apostatize as the Cross God gave her was too heavy. She prayed to Mother Mary, if Mother Mary hadn't helped, she would apostatize and send her daughter to a house in a pagoda. Luckily, as Mr Huynh Truong, her catechist, knowing her situation, came to Caritas office to ask for help.

Thursday, 25 April 2013 00:00

Thanks to Mekong Mother's grace


Children of OBV Cambodia

There was nothing new or special happened to our lives. However, I felt one thing and consider it as a grace of Mekong Mother. It was children who visit Mother after finishing school. I think Mother may feel touched when she sees her little children visit her everyday, so she gives grace for our family: all of the kids want to stay here. Ngoc Yen said: "I feel sorry for sister N.B, don't know how she is doing now."

With Mother's grace, we all feel warm in our famiy. We all pray and thank Mother everyday.


Translated by Tram Dang .  Original version in Vietnamese entitled "Nhờ Ơn Mẹ Mêkông"


Wednesday, 19 March 2014 00:00

"Let us contribute"

The result after many months of hard works

The OBV (One Body Village) family was very happy that the couples Viet Thu Dinh, aboard Australian, visit and stay and help the children in some ways for one week.

Before the couples came, the garden cooling shade project had been planned, implemented secretly and funded by "Black Funds" with our own labors. But the couples had contributed an enough amount of money, and also lend a helping hand into this project.

Monday, 10 March 2014 14:54

Mom’s Birthday

The children write the wishes and give the picture of Mom and the children attached during the past years ..

The past February 24th was Mom's birthday.  Although Mom was not my Birth Mother, you had been nurturing and teaching us dailyPeople have said: "The fruit of Birth is not compared to the fruit of Nurture".  We were so happy when both Mom and Dad had nurtured and loved us.

We remembered Mom's birthday and were counting the days, and the Aunts also planned to cook the delicious meal for the party with the OBV familyMother knew our plan so she would like to have no celebration, no food, no cake, just our existence with her is her happy momentShe warned that if one does not obey her words, then she would check a Mark ‘X’ (*).

Friday, 28 February 2014 02:23

Martial Arts Lesson


Master Jesse is training the children at OBV house in Cambodia

As often as one week in every month, Master Jesse and Dr. Thuy regularly took the bus ride to Cambodia to teach Martial Arts to the children at the OBV home. Try his best using the ability to speak Vietnamese to help the children understand, he said: During my visit, I wanted to review your skills thoroughly to help you better understanding the skills and practicing competently.

At 8 pm sharp each night, the training began.

Mr. Binh Nguyen - director of OBV Vietnam - meets with her family

The OBV family is happy to receive its newest member who has just returned to Vietnam from Cambodia

This young girl was living with her mother due to the circumstances surrounding her parents' divorce. Her mother had the idea to sell her daughter to Malaysia for unknown yet potentially dangerous purposes, so she told a lie to her mother in order to get permission to visit her biological father in Cambodia. During her visit with her father, she explained her mother's intentions.

OBV Cambodia helped bring her to the OBV Vietnam house. Since she wasn't able to speak Khmer, she wasn't able to assimilate to life in Cambodia.

It has been a week since uncle Jesse and aunt Thuy visited us. We talked about them every day.  We missed them especially the nights that we practiced martial art together.

The most impression was uncle's sharing in Vietnamese "The main purpose for this trip, I want to teach you martial art, so that you can self-defense. After I leave, I will feel assurance that you can always be safe and be able to protect yourself".

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