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Mr The Khanh – Project Manager at Viet Nam – with the father and daughter at their home in Ha Noi

Last week, OBV was very happy to welcome the new 15 year-old member to our house.  This happened after we visited her family's house in Ha Noi.  For many reasons, OBV Viet Nam decided to transfer her to Sai Gon.  This would separate her from the old environment and help her to forget the past and reintergrate into the new environment.  Although having other heavy obligations with family, her father still accompanied her, overcoming the 3500 km distance to settle her into OBV organization.

Sunday, 08 September 2013 00:00

What To Do With The Black Fund


When hearing about 'black fund', some might wonder, “How come the convent management have a black fund?” This stashed fund is due to the funds accumulated during the past few years. It is the earning from the rosaries the children made, along with savings, and also from contributions made from sponsors for each individual. It is called the 'black fund' because it is not accounted in the bookkeeping, due to it being solely as gifts for the children. However, management must be granted permission and approval to used. 
The black fund is not much. It is only used during special occasion like New Year, birthdays, organizing picnics for the children after each semester exam, or just to relieves stress.
Since Mother is coming home, she had combined all of the events together to save and money for convenient. It is celebrating the 4 children whose birthdays falls in the month of July and August, celebrating our new home, celebrating Mother's Day for mother and Ms.Yen Thao, celebrate mother coming home, thanking Aunt Thom, thanking and welcoming the 2 new volunteers. One managing in account payable and the other one in receivables.

Sunday, 08 September 2013 16:06

Welcome a New Child to OBV

OBV family in Cambodia has warmly welcomed a new member – S.P. She’s 16 years old and she’s now the oldest girl in the family.

The other children are very happy to have a new sister. Because of the circumstance, S.P had to stop her from studying long time ago. Now when the children study together, they help S.P in reading. They keep telling her their activities at school, their Daddy Thong and their lives at OBV. They also instruct S.P how to use things at home. Therefore, in spite of feeling strange to everything, S.P doesn’t feel homesick or cry for a week as the other children used to.

Hope she will soon integrate and have a happy life.



Translated by Tho Nguyen. Original version in Vietnamese entitled "Nhà OBV Campuchia Chào Đón Thành Viên Mới"

Sunday, 08 September 2013 15:39

Guest at the House

Anh Kinh, Chi Thy, and the children of OBV at Cambodia

The OBV family of Cambodia and Vietnam welcome two special guests, Anh Kinh and Chi Thy. Our special guests came to visit, brought gifts, and socialized with the children in the cozy loving atmosphere.

Sunday, 08 September 2013 14:39

The Trip to Hanoi


The house of Be T.'s family

Receiving information from a priest with close ties with Vietnam OBV organization, we have arranged a trips to Hanoi to visit the children's families and to verify the information.