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Monday, 15 April 2013 00:00

New chapter of life


Father Martino with A.T.

In the past when Father Martino wanted to bring me to OBV, I denied the suggestion because I did not want to be far away from my family, be separated and be in a different environment, because it would make me to remember the past.  Furthermore, I did not want to receive too much help from others….Those were my thinking back then.

However, meeting with children from OBV house through various activities and events have changed my mind.  Gradually, I have realized that the help and protection from Father, Sisters and OBV staffs are totally different from previous experiences.

I have tried to write this article about K many times and have deleted many times because I do not have the courage to write about her because her memories contain too much pain. 

During the 2012 mission trip that Fr. Martino organized, there was a presentation at St. Paul church; the staffs there informed us of K‘s situation. K’s situation was one of the situations that required our immediate attention. Two of our directors along with Dr. Sy Pham went to K’s house and it was quite a journey. 

Sunday, 07 October 2012 00:00

Daddy, please do not separate us!


“This house is our house, the hardship that our father have found”

With the ambition to rescue the youth that have been forced into sex slavery, at the same time create the conditions to bring happiness to the children. Although in the hands of its founder has nothing, but he is now ready to roll up his sleeves for action.  First off is to rent a house for the children, set a requirement so the children will continue to arrive at school, give a small amount of money for food and neccessities in the beginning phase, then…slowly figure out.  The founder (Father Thong) often say:  "I am not rich, but I don’t want my children suffer, because they have suffered enough”.  Because of that, the children that live here are more stable materially and spiritually.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012 00:00

Cu Chi dearest


Father Martino and OBV children

Although being back to work in Vietnam for 3 short days, Father Thong has held a BBQ feast for OBV children in a land mass of 1300m2 in Cu Chi.  This is the feeling of G. and D., both have recently return to the home of OBV for a month.


Suddenly, it is finally time for the entire household members to visit Cu Chi to hang out at the house where the children would soon reside in the future. 

Wednesday, 22 August 2012 00:00

OBV House - Our children have grown up


"Em" and "Bé" were hanging out with OBV house

According to OBV news, our daughter, H.D (aka Bé), has passed the entrance exam and has been accepted into the College of Technology and Industrial Management. This is the story about our oldest daughters, Bé and her older sister (aka Em). They are reintegrating into the communities.

"Bé" is an average student with sociable temperament, innocence, and thoughtful.  She does not know when to rest and relax. She is currently waiting to pass the second round of admission to Saigon University. If she does not pass the second round, she will go forward with the alternative university. At that time, we will help her financial assistance for her schooling.