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Saturday, 21 May 2016 00:00

Charity Program "The Sharing Connection" with singer Hien Thuc

An old article...

The singer Hien Thuc with the children at the Anh Linh school

Just like its name, "The Sharing Connection" would always be the bridge to link the loving hearts to share love, to care for, and to bring happiness to all little people.

The year end is usually a very busy time at the center with plans for seminars, workshops, charity trips, and to complete all the unfinished businesses by the year end ... But that year was a very special year since the Sharing Connection glad to have the goodwill of a singer to bring love and happiness to the unfortunate.

In addition to the services the young doctors participate in the community health programs for the poor people in Vinh Long, the implementation of charitable programs "Sharing Connection" with the singer Hien Thuc was very practical for the less fortunate people ... The community health program provides free health care and medicines for the indigents ... the charity program of Hien Thuc provides 2000 gifts which brings joy and happiness to those less fortunate.

Delivery of Gifts for the children

The first location Bridge to Happiness selected to visit was the "Spirit of Love Light" ("Hành Trình của Yêu Thương") school with 300 elementary students.  These children come from indigent families or orphans, having the unfortune life. Needless to say about the joy in their eyes when they received the gifts from or hear Hien Thuc sang the song The Mother's Diary "There will be someone who loves you more than I love you". Maternal love is the greatest love, but Hien Thuc still wants to share with the students that some day, someone would love them more than their mother love them. All our trip members share the same wish that "Everyone are deserved to be loved and be happy."

The joy of gift sharing

So we have shared 300 gifts from singer Hien Thuc to the unfortunate children, 1700 more gifts would be awarded between begining and the end of the year 2011. Beside the 2000 gifts shared by Hien Thuc, we hoped to receive more gifts from generous donors like you..

OBV Vietnam

Dec 28, 2011

Translated by Tom.  Original version in Vietnamese entitled 'Chương Trình Từ Thiện "Kết Nối Sẻ Chia' Cùng Ca Sĩ Hiền Thục"

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