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Tuesday, 17 June 2014 00:00

See You Again!

Dr. Nga Vu, MD - first chair of the board and biggest supporter of OBV in the last 14+ year - paid a visit to OBV houses and took the children on a beach vacation before she takes on another "vocation!"

Here is her reflection!

The heat wave hit us as we landed in Vietnam and stepped outside of the airport. We went to have lunch then headed off to visit our children. They all stood outside to greet us as we arrived with a large welcome sign. By the time we settled in dinner was ready for us. The children were all very proper as they prayed before and after dinner. After dinner, they were so excited to see how tall they were compared to me Then one by one they showed me pictures of dresses that they had designed. We finished off the night with our children reading their English books to me.


A few days later we were all off to the beach along with our OBV Cambodian children. We all had a blast as we collected sea shells and buried each other in the sand. We also rented out tubes and hung on tight to each other, having so much fun, as the waves tossed us around. Later that evening, The children put on a marvelous show of singing, dancing, and fashion. Their creative side shined as we watched them show off their clothes made out of plastic bags. Don't let the sound of that fool you. The clothes were beautifully crafted and our models were marvelous. Overall, it was a large happy family reunion with many precious moments. As we said our goodbyes- father Martino was already planning our next trip. We thank-you for your continued support. Without it- none of this would be possible for our children.

VN June 2014

Nga Vu





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