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Friday, 11 April 2014 01:54

Dear Father,


Tulsa 2/18/2014

Dear Father Martino,

My name is Truong Minh Bao. I am a single mom of two little children: 2 year old Benjamin and 1 year old Liberty. I thank God to let me know about you through a friend who posted your Youtube channel on Facebook. Since I knew about you and about all the things you have done, I have lived more happily and meaningfully. I thank Grandfather and Grandmother who are of high social class for raising such a man like you, the one that made me cry because of so much admiration. I felt so proud when I heard you said on Youtube that there was a white American got to his feet to greet you.

I feel I have been so lucky when I heard the stories about the children you told on OBV website. For them, I will try harder in work. I remember a quote from school when I was in Vietnam: "A talent man without kindness is a useless man. A kind man without talent can hardly do things easily." I am not good at neither studying nor doing things, but I will try. I can cook fish, noodles, make cakes, jelly, and do nail. I hope to the day I could come to OBV with my two kids to cook for the children and teach them how to do nail because I have ten years of experience doing this.

As you had said, you came to preach not to ask for money nor to tell misery to beg for mercy. But to prompt us to pay what we had owed. Yes, we owed the children so much. And we are just doing our responsibility for them.

I wish you all the best, Father.


Winter Haven  2/26/2014

Dear Father Martino,

It has been four months that I now can write to you. In the very beginning of the year, I wish you a lot of health to work enthusiastically as well as to guide us.

I was so busy during the last days of the year. Now I am back to my normal life and have always been thinking of the children and you – who rescued them from hell. How fortunate they are. I hope more and more of them would go to college. As I knew, currently there are three of the children going to college. I would like to donate a little money for them for the snack to go to school.

May God bless you. May the Nazareth family keep all the children safe.

Kim Thu


Translated by Vi Nguyen.

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