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Letter to OBV

Sunday, 14 November 2010 14:50

Sharing from "DC Stop modern slavery walk"

DC Walk

Linda Hoang – a young adult from Silver Spring, MD walked on behalf of OBV – and here is here short sharing!

From: linda hoang [mailto:lhsweets01@..................]
Sent: Wednesday, October 27, 2010 9:45 AM
To: Lm Martino Nguyen Ba Thong

Walking down Constitution, slowly approaching 20th Street, the sea of red shirts overcomes the Mall in D.C. There are people of all colors, all ages, all genders united for one sole cause… the abolishment of modern slavery across the world. The air at first was solemn but as the speaker rallied the crowd to remind them of the cause, the air quickly changed to motivational, emotional almost, that brought people to their feet to begin the 5k.

United in walking led by a costumed Abe Lincoln, the crowd chanted, “Abolish Slavery! No more Slavery!” Tourists stood and stared at the posters and pictures of innocent slave trade women and children, surprised that a horrific thing like this existed in this world. Slavery does exist… it was apparent, and the walk made it known to the world… beginning in D.C. that Saturday.

Thursday, 28 October 2010 16:09

"Free to fly"

Free to fly

Dear Cha Thong,

When you get a minute, please listen to this.  I meant to save this for when we see each other but I couldn't resist.  I recently wrote a song inspired by an interview with one of girls from SENHOA, and of course by our talk the other night.  It furthered the inspiration to raise more conversation about these kids being sold...   This song is my contribution... FOR NOW.  I'll be shooting a music video for it as well.  Also, as proceeds gather from sales, I'll donate that back to both SENHOA and ONE BODY VILLAGE.  I hope it'll gather some money!

Friday, 03 September 2010 04:14

A letter from Sister Phuong Linh, OP

Dear Fr. Thong,

Thanks for responding to my email.  I might briefly introduce myself to you again.  I am one of the Dominican Sisters who had a vocation booth at Marian days.  The Dominican booth was not very far away from the One Body Village booth which was also "your" booth.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010 02:11

...have nothing but only a heart...

Dear OBV friends,

God, please help me, ignite me and give me wisdom what to say here!  I'm a doer not a talker nor a writer.  I had been through the student's life in college and understand the difficulty about budget.  I only had enough money to live in a 15 x 25 sqft appartment with one of my best friend.  However, I never regret it, but also student's time gave me a great time and unforgetable memories with many big dreams.  Now, I'm working on my dreams and missing my student's time :)  The Mission Trip Summer 2010 in VietNam may cost a lot of money for you: air ticket + trip fee + personal usage.  I guess most of you are students or youth with great heart.  So I would like to help you out a little bit by reimbursing each one of you $100.00 for the trip fee.  You only need to pay $900.00 for the trip fee.  I heard Fr. Thong said that there are still spaces available now.

I wish that you have a great, fun and unforgetable trip, Thank God for what I have now.

Who have nothing but only a heart.

Sunday, 14 February 2010 17:49

New Years Dance 2010

We (One Body Village) received an email with a poster from Maly who resides in San Antonio, TX that she and her band will put on a “new year dance” raising awareness for One Body Village.  So we emailed her back and asked her to write a paragraph or two of how she got to know OBV and why did she organize this event?  And here is her email:

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