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Tram with OBV children

It all started with an email from Cha Thong.

And there I am, nestled in the back of a Pandan-scented Vinasun taxi in the heart of a humid, grey Saigon, awaiting my arrival to the One Body Village home. The taxi pulls up to a seafoam-stained building in a narrow alleyway void of any signs or windows. My heart pounds against my ribcage, breaking the steady ambiance of the afternoon.

As I walk through the white gates, Loan, the one who coordinated my visit to the One Body Village home, approaches with arms ajar and a sunshine smile. The high building walls suddenly wash away. I am entering a place of love.

I want to share with you the people I met that day at the One Body Village home and what they have taught me. I hope that halfway across the world, this story will bring you closer to them as it has for me.


"Do you know about the One Body Village organization? It's an anti-sex trafficking organization started by Cha Thong, who used to be in the Youth Eucharistic group with me. I want to help Cha by organizing an awareness event", Trinh said.

Sunday, 03 June 2012 21:03

What is being a VOICE to me?

Being a voice

From: Angela Nguyen
To: Lm Martino Nguyễn Bá Thông
Subject: OBV Calgary Awareness Night May 4, 2012

Hi Cha,

Here are some pictures from Calgary's first awareness event on May 4, 2012! We joined the University of Calgary's Vietnamese Students' Association (VSA) and their year end gala called, "A New Beginning" to raise awareness about OBV and human trafficking. Their theme "A New Beginning" celebrated our parents' and grandparents' struggle to come to Canada to provide the new generation with opportunities for freedom and success. So fittingly, I made aware that not every one has this opportunity. It was a great success!



We do it because

On the eve of Chicago May 20th event, we want to share with you this email from One of our Many organizers!  She is a young professional – Neither OBV or Fr. Martino ever met her!  But her heart is there for OBV’s Children!  We are bless to have the people like her!  The event ticket sold out in two weeks!  600 tickets!!!  We will share with you more after the event – Pray for us and our children!




Thursday, 05 April 2012 00:00

Spiritual Doctor

 Doctor N and OBV children are in a tutoring session

I was really impressed with doctor N’s youthfulness, humility, friendliness and cheerfulness. When doctor visited the OBV children, she was so friendly that we felt her like our family member. Furthermore, she was really passionate and concerned with the children through various ways. Her spiritual medicine gift originated from her heart and social involvement. May I call her “spiritual doctor?”