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An old article...

The singer Hien Thuc with the children at the Anh Linh school

Just like its name, "The Sharing Connection" would always be the bridge to link the loving hearts to share love, to care for, and to bring happiness to all little people.

The year end is usually a very busy time at the center with plans for seminars, workshops, charity trips, and to complete all the unfinished businesses by the year end ... But that year was a very special year since the Sharing Connection glad to have the goodwill of a singer to bring love and happiness to the unfortunate.

In addition to the services the young doctors participate in the community health programs for the poor people in Vinh Long, the implementation of charitable programs "Sharing Connection" with the singer Hien Thuc was very practical for the less fortunate people ... The community health program provides free health care and medicines for the indigents ... the charity program of Hien Thuc provides 2000 gifts which brings joy and happiness to those less fortunate.

Delivery of Gifts for the children

The first location Bridge to Happiness selected to visit was the "Spirit of Love Light" ("Hành Trình của Yêu Thương") school with 300 elementary students.  These children come from indigent families or orphans, having the unfortune life. Needless to say about the joy in their eyes when they received the gifts from or hear Hien Thuc sang the song The Mother's Diary "There will be someone who loves you more than I love you". Maternal love is the greatest love, but Hien Thuc still wants to share with the students that some day, someone would love them more than their mother love them. All our trip members share the same wish that "Everyone are deserved to be loved and be happy."

The joy of gift sharing

So we have shared 300 gifts from singer Hien Thuc to the unfortunate children, 1700 more gifts would be awarded between begining and the end of the year 2011. Beside the 2000 gifts shared by Hien Thuc, we hoped to receive more gifts from generous donors like you..

OBV Vietnam

Dec 28, 2011

Translated by Tom.  Original version in Vietnamese entitled 'Chương Trình Từ Thiện "Kết Nối Sẻ Chia' Cùng Ca Sĩ Hiền Thục"

Sunday, 15 November 2015 00:00

Musings on a Sydney Afternoon

During a fundraising event in support of victims of trafficking, I was walking outside in the parking lot when quite suddenly, a woman carrying a bag filled with possessions fit for a beggar crashed into me, before disappearing again like a soft breeze. Angrily I thought 'how rude!'

Later, as I entered the lobby, I saw her limping toward the door, almost crashing into me again . It was obvious that she had a disability.

Our treasurer Ms. Phuong enlightened us - This lady came to contribute to our fundraising; however, due to her working schedule, she was not able to stay for the event. I was suddenly overcome with emotion.

It was this afternoon in Sydney, with the gleaming sunlight shining upon her crooked legs as she took shaky steps, that I became overwhelmed, my eyes teared as I was so touched, and suddenly....suddenly, everything else seemed so trivial.

Thank God! Although our world is filled with hate and crime, there are still those with hearts of gold, who despite being handicapped themselves, are filled with compassion to give a hand to ease the pain of the children victims of human trafficking.

A chilly afternoon breeze suddenly blew over and aroused me back to reality and the immediate tasks at hand.

Our fundraising event was successful!


Mrs. M.

Translated by J. Huynh.

Thursday, 05 November 2015 00:00

One Body Village Australia

One Body Village Australia is officially established in 10/2015

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The closer I get to girls of the OBV Vietnam house, the more privy I am to their personal stories, which in turn makes me feel that much more responsible for their safety.

It's a bitter pill to swallow when I find out that a couple of the girls are taken from or decide on their own volition to leave the OBV house, or when I hear that the father of one of the girls who sexually abused her is about to be released from prison in a year.

Here are a few updates on some of the lives of the girls of the OBV Vietnam house. Names withheld for obvious reasons, etc. etc.

Part two in a series of short stories of friends and family back home who have gone out of their way to extend their own generosity to those in need here in Vietnam.

This is a story about a small group of classmates turned friends who overhear a conversation and take it upon themselves to be awesome.

Three UW Foster MBA classmates and friends want to ensure that the OBV girls have one of the most entertaining and memorable Christmas gifts ever.