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Saturday, 19 August 2017 00:17

Love Until The Heart Stops Beating

an old article...

With the congregation, especially teenagers who belong in a parish Cho Cau church (30/7 Nguyen Van Qua, 12 District, HCM city), beginning in 2013 was always an occasion with full of the joys and the meaning because they were shared about the love of the life by special person- spellbinder Martino Nguyen Ba Thong. With Martino, this was the fifth time he have come back from US to Vietnam to lead the trip 2013. Once again he came with audiences who always have a soft corner in their heart for him.

At 7:30pm, a parish priest Martino’s sermon was begun. Join the sermon, there were volunteers from USA participated the trip 2013. At that time, the atmosphere in the main hall was lively with the songs, the games. Everyone was been talking about subject, about the speaker tonight. It was not very difficult to realize that this is the first time the audiences have participated Martino Nguyen Ba Thong’s sermon. They were excited, cheerful, and curious.

The main hall was always full when Martino Nguyen Ba Thong preached.

The topic of sermon this time was “ love until the heart stops beating”. He revealed that this was a completely new topic hadn’t share in Vietnam. The drift of a speech was likened “ the golden key” to help people who were in love as well as lived in married life how to build and maintain their love. To help audiences can imagine “ the golden key”, Martino gave them a broad overview on some of the main purposes, key points. He reminded people of “ love language” one’s own and life partner.

The couples were excited about test to find out “ love language”

Young people use cell phone to do the test

Master of education Pham Phuc Thinh helped people do a test include 30 questions to make them know more about “love language”. Key topics covered in those questions helped them realize what type of their love language such as: love taking gifts from lover, love being served by life partner, love hearing words of encouragement, love specific actions or love fond gesture from lover. Everyone paid attention to do the test with a desire to discover themselves.

The parish preached with plenty of zing

The young people never took their eyes off him

After completing the test, the speaker- the parish priest Martino “ borrowed” a couple and a married couple who have lived 25 years in marriage to analysis love language. In the analytical process, the audiences were enjoyed the fresh moment by his pretty wit, practical things and kind words touching people. About the couples Martino “ borrowed” , especially the couples who have been in marriage, he wanted them to renew old sweet memories through his a penetrative analysis of that issue. A lot of couples wanted the speaker to analyze their love language but time was limited so Martino summarized the key points to help young people as well as married couples have “ secret” in order to cultivate and maintain their love.

Singer Hien Thuc sang the love songs in the Martino Nguyen Ba Thong’s show

The atmosphere was more lively with Hien Thuc’s appearance. As usual, singer Hien Thuc always followed Martino whenever he came to Cho Cau church.

At 9:30pm, the Martino’s sermon finished. Many people still wanted to hear him preach as well as hope that the next year he would continue to come back and shared the new attractive topics. 


Pham Sy

Translated by Kelly Tran.  The original version in Vietnamese entitled "Yêu Cho Đến Khi Con Tim Ngừng Đập"


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