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Friday, 17 March 2017 04:16

The First Meeting With The New Chairwoman of OBV

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Everybody in the office told each other: “Behave yourself! The new chairwoman might be tough.” We were so nervous and assumed she might be a difficult person after we had received a bunch of her emails requesting us to send reports and annotations. Nobody knew about her, how old she was, how she looked like and whether she was difficult as we thought.

Our first meeting with the new Chairwoman, Dr. Thanh Tam finally took place. Her modest clothing and her smiling gave us the first impression that she was a humble person. Her plane just landed but she stopped by the office anyway for the meeting, carrying a lot of luggage.

She is so friendly and sympathetic with a smiling face

Unlike what we imagined, she was a friendly and sympathetic person. She told us to introduce ourselves and talk about our particular role. We then realized that our reports had helped her understand our work in VN much better and figured out what we expected. From there, she could come for help on time. She gave us a lot of advice on how to resolve our issues effectively as well.

She shared with us the servant-leader spirit that she liked so much and wanted each of us to understand clearly the importance of our job and the self-improvement of those skills that are essential for helping the kids who were victims of sex slavery.

We said goodbye to her knowing that we will miss her much. However, this is just the beginning as we will have plenty of time working together and understand each other more.

“God, please be with us in our assignments and bless each of them as we always count on you. Amen.”

Nov 7, 2012


Translated by Le-Anh.  The original version in Vietnamese entitled "Buổi Làm Việc Đầu Tiên Của Tân Chủ Tịch Hội Đồng Quản Trị Tại Việt Nam"


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