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Sunday, 16 October 2016 02:01

A project of OBV House for Boys!

an old article...

To prepare for the project of the OBV House for boys suffering from sexual exploitation, OBV has visited and shared experience of taking care of the boys at Son Ky Orphanage where nearly 50 boys who have difficult circumstances need help.

Entering the house, we were surprised at the boys' neatness and tidiness.

Mr. Ho is showing us the boys' bedrooms

With the shared experience, advantages and difficulties in taking care of his children at the Orphanage , OBV hoped to have more experience to help the boys with special circumstances that the Organization is heading.

(Nam Ky Orphanage's Regulation and Spirits)
1. Obey the Authorities and Guardians who do things to help build up our personality and our lives.
2. Respect the others, be modest when being reprimanded and try to correct the faults sincerely.
3. Finnish our tasks perfectly, be patient when doing tasks entrusted by the Community.
4. Don't lie, steal but respect the others' property and don't be curious about the other's private information.
5. Believe that education ensure a bright future and uphold the spirit of learning diligently, patiently and creatively.
6. Give priority to study English and Computer.
7. Protect the environment, keep the house tidy and clean. Use the public and private property carefully.
8. Love each other sincerely, respect and sacrifice to help each other to become good and helpful people.
9. Be a good example; try to build a moral and humane family.
10. Strive for being a mature, responsible and reliable person

Please pray and continue to be the OBV's companions to fulfill the mission to help the children suffering from sex exploitation and trafficking.


March 10, 2013

Translated by Tho Nguyen.   The original version in Vietnamese entitled "Dự Án Mở Nhà OBV Cho Các Em Nam!"

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