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Sunday, 02 October 2016 02:22

Everything is Grace!

An old article...

On November 3, 2012, OBV Vietnam officially opened a new house. Father Martino Nguyen Ba Thong -- the founder of the organization -- performed a ceremony thanking everyone who's had contributed to the development of the new house.

Father Martino performing a ceremony thanking and praying for everyone

Only 2 children in the OBV house are Catholics; the rest follow different religions, but they all enjoy going to Mass on Sundays. Management arranged for the group to sing as a choir, which made the audience enjoy Mass even more.

After Mass, the OBV children were very excited to receive gifts from volunteers, including clothes from the US.

Volunteers sorting through and distributing the gifts.

Before the party, volunteers also examined the children's overall health.

Dr. John Hefferman performing a dental exam to a child of OBV.

Dr. Thanh Tam -- Board Chairman -- performing a check-up for another child of OBV.

We thank the presence of the VTH family (owners of the house), Father and Sister, the local government, benefactors and collaborators. In particular, we would like to thank Father Joseph Nguyen Tan Tuoc -- Bishop of Phu Cuong -- for his appearance. Even with his busy schedule, he took time to attend our party and bless us.

Father Martino, OBV founder, introducing the place to Father Joseph

Father Joseph blessing the children of OBV

The staff and children of OBV were touched by Father's care and concern for them.

Thanks to the party, the Church and the Government had a chance to better understand the work that OBV does in helping children in need.

Thank you to the Holy Trinity for all our blessings. Through Mother Mary and St. Joseph, grace has poured down on us. Thank you to all our benefactors and collaborators and everyone who has contributed to or helped OBV throughout the years. Please continue to pray and support us in helping children in need.

OBV Vietnam

Nov 4, 2012

Translated by Phuong Hoang.  The original version in Vietnamese entitled "Tất Cả Là Hồng Ân!"

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