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Sunday, 25 September 2016 01:47

OBV's New Office

An old article...

Father Joseph giving a short speech.

On June 2011, OBV and the Bridge to Happiness Center opened a new office in Nguyen Van Dau, 11th ward, District Binh Thanh in Ho Chi Minh City. Attendees of the opening ceremony included OBV and Bridge to Happiness Center members and 50 guests and collaborators.

At 6pm, the blessing ceremony was performed by Father Joseph Xua of My Chanh and Vinh Long. Everyone joined in prayer for the new office to become a place of love. Through the works of everyone in the office, that love will spread to everyone around, particularly those who are helped by OBV and the Bridge to Happiness Center, and those continue to live in unfortunate realities and unhappiness.

After the ritual, Father Joseph gave a short sentimental speech for the OBV and the Bridge to Happiness Center staff, expressing his hope that they continue bringing joy to the afflicted and despairing children and young people who are experiencing tumultuous love and family lives.

Continuing Father Joseph's sentiments, Yen Thao, the Bridge to Happiness Center's director, also gave thanks to the day's participants for attending the new office's opening ceremony.

Yen Thao thanking the guests

We would like to sincerely thank Father Joseph for making the effort to come from Vinh Long to bless the new office and spend time with us. Thank you for your continued support over the years.

OBV would like to especially thank Ngoc, who's been quietly supporting these children -- from their meals, their sleep schedules, and their education. Her sacrifice and dedication has given all of us strength and inspiration to continue our work.

The board would also like to thank the writers, reporters, doctors, and staff for their continued support in the formation and development of OBV and the Bridge to Happiness Center. Your enthusiasm and contributions have helped us connect to more people now than ever.

After Yen Thao's heartfelt thanks, there was a celebration of the office opening -- filled with joy and laughter. Everyone sends their best wishes for OBV and the Bridge to Happiness Center -- that the organizations will continue to bring joy and happiness to the people they support.

Thien An (the Bridge to Happiness Center)

June 3, 2011

Translated by Phuong Hoang.  The original version in Vietnamese entitled "Tổ Chức OBV Khai Trương Văn Phòng Mới"

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