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Sunday, 21 August 2016 21:02

Land of Dragon Fruit

an old article...

Heading to Western

Receiving the news from a coordinator, there were two sisters who were in OBV's case in Western of Vietnam, four of us arrange our work in order to go for

11h30, everybody gathered on 3/2 street, then we headed to Western. The weather was so hot, but suddenly it rained slightly, it made the atmosphere in the afternoon less moggy

Everybody passed by a shop on pavement to have lunch. Then we continued our journey

Nearly a year ago, we also went to this province to help a girl who had a pitiful plight. And currently, that girl had a big change in personality, education, stature after nearly one year being cared by OBV. It was a motivation; it made us more determined and confident in the mission that we got from OBV organization

Along the road, there was huge paddy filed. Coming between were enormous gardens of dragon fruit. In Saigon, 3kg of dragon fruit was sold with VND10.000, its value here was even cheaper, only VND 500 – 1000 per kg depending on the quality. Every season had averagely 3 months; they harvested a ton of dragon fruit per garden. After deducting the expense of fertilizer, income of the farmers was only few hundred thousand dong.

Dragon fruits are growing luxuriantly on concrete beton in the garden

After several times asking around, finally we found her family. At first, her mom was decreet, she didn't want to greet us, but through the information of our coordinator, we got to know she just gave birth, so we prepared cans of milk as present for her baby. After asking, talking, her miserable story gradually was shared

Her previous husband passed away because of heart attack, she had to raise two daughters alone, the older was at grade 10, the younger was at grade 6 but she stopped studying for half of a year. She got married again and had three sons, she sent her first two daughters to her mom to take care of them. As she was busy taking care of the family, heart breaking thing happened to her two daughters that she did not know even her neighbors knew it all.

After knowing it, she took only her second daughter to her house, but not her first daughter. Because she was scrared of seeing that man, she left school and just stayed at home helping her mom to take care of her brothers; sometimes she harvested dragon fruits to earn some money. Looking at her, we felt deep grief as she suffered thing at beyond of her knowledge at her age.

Rain from the roof...

It rained heavily, and water was leaked from the rooftop to our chair that we were sitting. The scene that rain poured into the house was like vicissitudes of this life poured into her family

Drops to the chair we are sitting

Our sharing was interupted; she rejected to send her daughter to OBV as she was scrared that unlucky things would happen to her again, so she didn't want to let her daughter go out of her hands
It rained less heavily, said good bye to the family, we left the information of OBV organization, and told the family to think more about her future, as our visit was also surprising; the family didn not have psychological preparation....Hoped that the family would have new house would water leaking when it rained

She and her family

On the way back, seeing green dragon fruits growing, flowering beautifully on firm concrete beton; we hoped that her mom would think again, she would sacrifire invenience that she got when her daughter took care of her little son; suffer misery as she had to be far away from her daughter for her daughter to have a better environment. OBV organization will firm concrete beton on which she would grow and became a productive person for our society.

See you again, land of dragon fruit!

Joseph Nguyen


Translated by Tram Dang.  The original version in Vietnamese entitled "Vùng Đất Của Trái Thanh Long"

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