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Wednesday, 02 March 2016 00:00

Together We Learn

An old article...

Leaving Ho Chi Minh City for students and their parents at Vinh Loi, Vinh Hung, Long An Province, psychologists and educators of Bridge to Happiness Center departured when everyone inthe city had been still asleep. Leaving the city behind, our bus started its journey to the west of Long An Province. We saw some places like Tan An, Thu Thua, Ben Luc,... going pass our bus windows.

After 3-hour trip, we saw a big board written in Vietnamese and Cambodian: The border gate Binh Hiep. We turned left and drove more than 2 hours to get to Vinh Hung town. The topic of the seminar with students this time was: "Learning – Happiness and Burden". There were quizzes in the seminar. Not only the teachers and students but also people in People's Committee of the District participated passionately in the seminar.

Along with the seminar held for students, Bridge to Happiness Center also held a training course called "Skills for parenting" for the parents in order to help them gain and improve knowledge and skills needed in raising, educating and protecting their children. The program was held in 2 days and the learners appreciated it.

Below are some photos of the training course:

It's about 17 kilometers from the center of Vinh Hung town to the place that was held for the seminar and the training course. It is a short distance but it took us an hour to go there because the streets are bad and small. (It's only 5 kilometers to go on river but because of safety, we decided to go on streets.)

Having never been to such a training course like that, the parents were shy at the beginning. However, after the course, learners, teachers and people from the town had positive feedbacks on the program and said that they hope there would be more training courses like that. The seminar and training course were held in 2 days outside on the schoolyard without use of microphone. Therefore, our specialists had some difficulties in running the program.

The parents listened carefully to our specialists, psychologists and educators.

The shyness was replaced rapidly by a funny atmosphere of sharing experiences in educating kids.

Feeling free to perform their discussion in front of other learners.

Parents take anniversary photo after finishing the training course.

Joshep Pham

OBV Vietnam


Translated by Lam Nhat Le.  Orginal version in Vietnamese entitled "Cả Nhà Cùng Học"

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