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Sunday, 27 March 2016 00:00

Do not neglect your hometown

An old article...

Responding to the call of Vinh Trung parish's priest, Bridge to Happiness Center had a seminar about the topic: "How to protect your children in modern time" for the parents over there.

Vinh Trung parish's priest, Doctor Nguyen Duy An -- Ex-President of One Body Village, Mr. Nguyen Van Binh -- Ex-President of Bridge to Happiness Center (OBV Vietnam) and psychologist Pham Sy were there for the seminar.

After the mass and going home for a little while, over 600 parents filled the church at 19:00.

Vinh Trung parish's priest talked to start the seminar.

Doctor Nguyen Duy An introduced everyone in the organizer.

Doctor Nguyen Duy An talked to people in his hometown: after 30 years working for National Geographic in over 160 countries, he wants to take his time of retirement to do something for community and respond to what he has received from God through the Church. Therefore, he agreed to be the president of One Body Village (OBV) to make that wish come true.
As people said: "Don't neglect your hometown", Doctor Nguyen Duy An wanted to do something for his hometown first. Therefore, a training course and seminar were held for people over there.

Doctor Duy An was very glad to see lots of people coming.

Although we did not have much time and the local people haven't known much about information technology, thanks to Mr. Pham Sy's talk, everyone understood a little bit about good things from the Internet as well as bad things that their children can be stuck in like online games, sex games, sex comics which can be stored in computers or mobile phones; traps and defrauding from the Internet and forums, etc., They were also told how to prevent their children from those bad things.

Everyone listened carefully to Mr. Pham Sy and discussed passionately during his talk.

After the talk, the parish's priest asked people in the church if there should be seminars like that to help everyone have a better understanding in raising and educating their kids in this modern life. Everyone clapped their hands to say that there should be more!

The priest thanked Mr. Pham Sy and asked everyone's opinion.

Everyone clapped their hands to agree that they should have Bridge to Happiness Center hold other training courses.

Thanks God for a great day that brought everyone here a lot of helpful knowledge: training course for selective members in the morning and a seminar in the evening. Please stay with us and help us be healthy and passionate to continue what we have been given to do.

Joseph Nguyen


Translated by Le Nhat Lam.  Original version in Vietnamese entitled "Làm Phúc Nơi Nao Để Cầu Ao rách Nát"


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